Wednesday, May 3, 2017

NEET and 50% for service quota reservation ordinance

1603 MD,MS seats in Tamilnadu Medical colleges
50% goes to the NEET
Remaining 50% goes to the doctors who work in village govt hospitals.

In other states 100% goes to NEET.
Villages has no doctors.

By providing 50% seats to the doctors who work in villages will encourage the doctors to work in villages and also the village people will get medical facilities .
This is the reason TN govt wants 50% reservation.

Without 50% reservation ,Are they will not work in villages ?
You may ask ,
Answer is
Sometimes yes they will not.

Demand for doctors still exists , Even in cities .

Think of village people and provide 50% reservation on service quota

This is not blackmail
It a request on basis of saving poor people's life.

Why does NEET gets more priority than humanity

Government should think on basis of humanity

Indian Gov should bring ordinance 50% for service quota on PG Medical courses all over India.