Friday, September 2, 2016

Young Indians come out and Change the future

China will be the next Global marketing leader after this G20 summit .
China's infrastructure is rapidly growing .
They will attract the investors even from India ..
China is also investing in India .
So ultimately now we can't go a war with China .
China may become the deciding factor in Asia.
What we have to do......?
We have to still talk more about caste,religion and something like that.
We have to favour all the tenders and projects to the friendly companies who provide large funds to the ruling government .
According to the world we Indians are from 3rd world ...workers and Slaves.
(you have been used because you are in H1B .
that's the slave's number .)
We younger generation have to change the future of India ...
or we have to be a modern slave to their innovations and intellectual properties .

Krishna Kumar G