Thursday, April 14, 2016

Mark Zuckerberg doesn't likes WhatsApp in this world

Yes What's app is killing everything even it started to kill its own motherhood company Facebook ,
So Mark well planned to kill Whats app by its own features .
WhatsApp  cross platform mobile messaging app used by billions of people around the world,
WhatsApp has more users in India other than rest of the world.Its a Free messaging app.

How it Kills Facebook :
        Not only facebook its destroying many companies projects ,Viewers watching videos in YouTube has been reduced by WhatsApp ,People upload the same video from YouTube in WhatsApp and sharing it to their friends group and from that group it spreads to millions of people,At last Youtube started loosing its viewers and its revenues.
When you share YouTube video in Facebook it holds the official link and redirects people to YouTube, This protects the copyrights of the video uploader and YouTube generates its revenue without any loss.

Same way now WhatsApp started to disturb Facebook revenue,Slightly Facebook users have been reduced (activity of members has been reduced ) due to WhatsApp ,This may bring a great loss in future ,If facebook lacks in member activity means it loss its revenue from payable ads, People mostly hang out in WhatsApp  and share lot of things in free of cost, Now Business groups from facebook came to WhatsApp to expand its businesses ,In future companies will move out of Facebook if WhatsApp  population grows .
No videos in his YouTube page

How mark planned to kill WhatsApp :
     He has been well plan to kill WhatsApp by its own features ,