Saturday, March 12, 2016


NOTA (49 O) is a useless way to describe about your choice while casting your vote in election.

Indian Election commission gave a 'None of the above' (NOTA) option to show up that you don't like none of the candidate contesting in your constituency .
You may find this NOTA  option in Electronic voter machine (EVM) at the end of the row (button) .
If you press this button your vote will be calculated as NOTA , This ensures that you have not selected any candidate .
Election commission just needs every people to cast their vote even though they don't like their candidate and it ensures that no one casts your vote as a fraudulent or duplicate vote for other person.So don't forget to cast your vote.

Disadvantages of NOTA (49 O)  : If you cast your vote for NOTA (49 O) means it becomes total waste , Actually its like a dummy button in EVM it just calculates the count and shows up the result as NOTA and NOTA is not a ruler or MP or MLA its just a option instead for them.

Example 1 : If A candidate gets 165000 votes and B candidate gets 134300 votes and C candidate gets 12230 votes and NOTA gets 234 votes and the result will be declared as  A candidate as the winner ,who gets high number of votes .B and C are considered as looser .Don't worry about NOTA.

Example 2 : If NOTA gets 186200 and A candidate gets 23400 and B candidate gets 44214 and C candidate gets 32552 votes and the results will be declared as 'B' candidate as the winner ,here B candidate didn't got high number of votes when compare to NOTA but Election commission will declare B as the winner even though NOTA gets high number of votes it become useless.

NOTA is not the real person or the government its an imaginary one created to show up your desire as you don't like your candidates , This option encourages people to cast their vote without wasting it.

NOTTO Everyone should know about it , NOTTO is "National Organ & Tissue Transplant Organisation" its an important one,once you register in,You pledge yourself as organ donar and then you will receive an hand written ID card and keep it safe . NOTTO HELPLINE No1800114770 Download Pledge Form  Webpage .
Donate your organs to the needy one, Once you died your organs can live on other persons body ,if you agree to donate it.Then register in this website and inform your family members about it as you  have pledged to donate organs after death , This will ensure them to give up your organs after your death.they have to inform your death as soon as possible to the given toll number or contact near by Government General hospital RMO ,They will come and check up and take up your dead body to remove organs and they will return it in hours before your relatives reach home to perform your last rituals.

NOTA and NOTO both may sound similar but both are different and has a common thing only age 18 and above can do it (apply it) .