Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Dear Nasty Girl You are in a Unnecessary Feminine Branding

Women are being used and Targeted for Branding , Marketers need women for everything Models are created by them for branding , Girls are made to be nasty in branding products .

Feminine Branding for Men : To sell shaving cream a women  have to appear in ads ,To sell Men's body deodorant women have to smell men arm pit, To sell men underwear women have to fix it at right place,To sell men condom women have to be naked. this is how we need women for branding men items , Have you ever seen men selling bra's ? Have you even seen men selling nail polish , have you even seen men selling lipstick . I think now you got my point , We also need only women for branding ,We also need more wild cats and not homely one's in branding .

Feminine Branding for women : world worst thing is a women is needed to be branded for herself ,
even women like themselves to be branded , If you choose a women as a model then she would be happy instead she won't be ignoring that opportunity , Because branding themselves gives them identity,luxury life and everything else they want. At this point they won't care about feminism,If they are in act of feminism means they will loose the opportunity of branding,Hope calender girls are not feminists,Sports illustrated,Play Boy,Fashion,Maxim and most of the popular magazines are sold only with half naked women as cover photo .

Ads you see again and again and doesn't makes you bored :
                                      Get fair skin in 30 days ,Get flat stomach in 30 days,Whitening you teeth in 30 days,Girls bathing naked and smelling soaps to sell ,Smiling beautiful Air hostess to say our destination,Jewellery ornaments ads only traditional female has been used,In all fashion products girls will appear to give different types of gesture for background music,  If I left any ads to say don't worry and be sure it also may be branded by women.
Pink colour everywhere used to attract users, Very rarely male models are used to branding products and mostly they won't be advertising female products,