Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Election is Festival in India

From the date of Election Commission announces the Election date the Election festival rituals begins . Do you want to know more about the Indian Election and its process just search in the internet.

What is Election period ?
Its the days between the Election announcing date and the Election result date .

What rituals happens in Election festival ?
Oh wait wait common its different What is Election Festival mean ?

Election festival is celebrated during Election period , Its like a spring festival people enjoy during the election festival , They get bonus money for their enjoyment,They get sweets ,gifts and liquors from the election contesting party .

Election festival rituals are just watching election party meetings with payment of food (biriyani) and money , During Election period political party members come to our house and greet us,with flyers they give money and gifts ,They act like good people we can see this comedy fun and enjoy.We can see people with Microphone and speakers roaming all around in the name of Election campaign , Election commission will watch the political parties  movement and seize their wealth and money if they misbehave with their election rules, These are the things called Election rituals.

People really enjoy during these election festival.

Political parties spend black money from their pocket once plugged from the common people,But during Election festival People get more money from political parties and they spend this money in various ways so that the economy of that place increases suddenly and gives up a boost in financial growth .Economy development increases in India during Election period,Even Election commission says getting money for vote is punishable crime ,its offensive and its against law .

Voter is the important person in the election and common person becomes the voter,They enjoy this festival by being satisfied with their basic needs ,They get good water,good roads during this election period.During election voting day each voter vote for their interested candidates,Their will be tight security arrangement on vote polling station and around the nation even though violence will occur at many places , This violence also one of the part of this festival,Without political party violence polling day will not look good its the iconic part of this festival.

During the Election result day Election festival ends by choosing their most money spend candidate as the winner and that person becomes the ruler of the nation, People distribute sweets ,throw colour powders on each others,they play music they dance and they burst fire crackers ..

Later next day onwards people go to their work as usual and they suffer lot in their life till they have their next Election festival , Probably it will be held on every five years ,Sometimes it happens in between too.

Enjoy your Election festival #Election2016 #India

By a Voter during Election festival

Krishna Kumar G