Saturday, January 3, 2015

Pain Never stops me

Yesterday My Mom dropped cooking Oil pocket on Tiles floor and oil spilled everywhere in kitchen ..
So i planned to clean in today morning . So in morning I started to clean the floor with water and floor cleaner.. In mean while i found silver vessel fully filled with water was on floor.So i lifted it to keep away from cleaning area.

                  I took 2 to 3 steps with that silver vessel which was nearly 25 kg when fully filled with water.Suddenly my legs dragged by spilled oil and i completely fell down .By dropping vessel on my left thigh .Pain spread ed all over and i tried to get up but i can't able to move because i hit  my left chest on floor was also on pain and rued me.
Then i called my Mom for help she came and tried to help me ..I said don't lift me i will get up within mins...because I know she can't able to help lifting I'm over weight.I just told her to take the vessel away were i was lying in water filled floor for nearly 10 mins and started to move with pain and sat down slowly but I can't able to get up.Later forced myself to get up on one right feet and slowly landed myself on both feet it was horrible pain...but I have seen these pain during my school days as a Football school team goal keeper.Players use to stamp my leg while I'm stopping the ball from goal post.Same pain it was.In 2008 while playing a small Football match in Neyveli stadium one player hit my left leg thigh back side with his knee while running and I rolled on ground for three times and Later taking treatment in Hospital I found my left Knee was slightly moved...they told me to band my leg for three months but due to my family situation I can't able to take further treatment so I remained with that pain still now and last year bike accident both legs were hurted and started to walk properly after 3 from today onwards another pain was added to my list....where already neck and back bone enamel disintegration also there with top priority .
Nothing to worry its usual thing happening to everyone but handling is matter...
I treat my pain as something for good..Lets go don't let it stop me anywhere anytime.
 Typing this post from bed rest due to pain.

Take care bye
Krishna Kumar G