Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Turn Back my Life Words

Yeah 10 years back Nov 2004 , I was so Sad for my various failures in my life and I vacated my room where i stayed in Muthiaya nagar Chidambaram. It was an remote place at that time with few houses in that area and It was 10 in the morning , I had a back bag and started walking to bus stand may be 3 kms away from the room were i've stayed.

 In that time no one was in the streets . I was just walking on right hand side of the road when i reached 2nd cross street suddenly a man appeared at little distance in my left hand side , He was so ugly having weird hairs on his head and he was like a mentally affected man.He was talking or blabbering something I was looking at him and walking ,He noticed me that i was watching him and he got anger and started shouting.

 I got into fear and i thought he would bite me and prepared myself for fight but I saw fear in his eyes.
Then he started to warn me like this "Turn back " "Turn Back" , but i never turned back because i thought he might may attack me while i suppose to turn back. Almost he came nearer to me with his anger & warning words .He raised his fingers towards me and started shouting 'Turn back Turn Back' , We were nearly close by each other so i got ready to hit him for protection. So i turned to my Left side to face a fight with him.

                        All of sudden a Horn of Bull crossed my stomach with inches by touching my shirt.from my backside.That Bull was running so fast and furious it didn't stopped after trying to hit me it was just running continuously , If i didn't turn left side to hit him i would have been killed by that Bull on that day. Later i saw that man He was saying "Turn back and see your Life"
"In Life always Turn Back " and he walked away on his way.I turn back and saw him he was saying the same words again and again by turning back and seeing me on his walk.Still now I can't able to define that word exactly what he said .

       Already i was in sad mood and this incident made me so sad on that day.I have misjudged him and his words. He saved my life and I don't know who he is? He disappeared later i have never seen him afterwards in that place,
He said something to my life. I still remember his words.I feel it was word from God.