Monday, August 18, 2014

KSRTC Rudeness over Passengers

My Aunt booked 1 ticket
from Pondicherry (Puthucherry) to Banglore.
Time 21:16
KSRTC Rajahamsa Executive bus
Trip code : 2116POCBNG
PNR no    : J44716592
Journey date : 17/08/2014
Boarding point  : Pondicherry bus stand.

(She Travels monthly once in this route by using KSRTC)
                                                          (During 21:10 Screenshot)

                My Aunt was alone and When the bus arrived my Aunt went to get in the bus at that time as usual Ticket checker asked for ticket ,my Aunt showed the e-Ticket in her mobile,Later ticket checker asked for id card,my Aunt checked her purse at that time she found that id card was missing and she left it in home.So she explained the situation to the ticket checker but he refused to get her inside the bus,He said her to get away from the bus if she doesn't have id card with her.

Later ticket collector told her to get new ticket from counter.She said i have already booked one and i have the e-ticket but he refused to accept that. immediately the ticket collector went to the counter and said to cancel her ticket.

she was left alone in bus stand later ticket checker came to her and said do you got new ticket or we will sell it to other person and he brought  a man for this ticket , my Aunt called me and told that,(i'm away 25 kms) I immediately made a call to KSRTC customer care service 08044554422 to inform them about this incident but automated voice was speaking more than 10 min without connecting to the concern person and I tried to cancel the ticket (so that i can book it on other transports ) but it was not appearing on the website KSRTC on Return without wasting the time, I immediately called my Aunt in phone and said ask the ticket checker for new ticket let the booked ticket be cancelled and i will pay for new one (Otherwise he may give the ticket to the new person) .

    So my Aunt told ticket checker as she will pay for new ticket but checker demanded 500rs and he allowed her to take the seat and they started the bus in few minutes ,whereas  the actual ticket booking through online was 466.Later she paid him 500rs because she can't stay alone there without any assistance and have to reach Bangalore at time for work .

Ticket checker cheated her and I'm trying to complaint about this incident ,she has been cornered by ticket checker .
she paid 500 + 466 = 966
Actual ticket = 466 rupees
Demanded Bribe = 500 rs
(Situation Blackmail)

KSRTC gives worst customer service

Screen shot (Name and id hidden for security purposes )

                                        (After bus started now it appears in completed Trips.)

During Booking print out