Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Future Passwords

I say in future we have to pay for our online Passwords
not for its protection
not for being hacked
its just for Remembrance
If you forgot Password.....and
To Recover Password..
we have to pay an certain amount.
Monthly or Yearly Subscription of Passwords will be soon on some websites.......
External Password Tags (device or embed on skin or clothes )
Even Google Gmail may ask you for Facial recognize (Web Cam) .
and other Bio metric scanners may also confirm you for Social Network log in .

Forgot Password :
We may Forget our online account passwords..
its common now because for different website we use different passwords (Good for protection).
Strong passwords which don't contain words from dictionary instead consists of Lower case,Upper case,Symbols and Numbers.
Which is very hard to remember for each and every website and you may forget it at anytime.

Using the Browsers privacy and protection settings for remembering passwords is not ethical or good idea other may use your system and you may give advantage for others to log in.Always use don't remember Passwords in Browsers settings .

Remembering Passwords
                     Remembering passwords is a typical and hard thing now a days.
For this there are few software's and websites are there to remember your passwords ...
and you have to pay for it , This system may fail some time,when your data center (Server) crashes you may loose your passwords.
One log in for all network ( Its wrong idea ) ,Advantage of being Hacked your data and information very easily

Future Passwords :

                                Currently we are commonly using strong passwords which is a mixture of Numeric,Alpha numeric,Letters and Symbols,2-Step Verification,3-Step Verification, App Specific Passwords and App generated passwords for online accounts.        
In Future the Passwords may be in different forms for log in accounts but
Paying for Password is the only option and availability source in future we have, Where we can recover passwords,If we even being hacked online, Stolen passwords and stolen accounts can be regenerated if we pay for it.No need to remember passwords for long time.System encrypted password or system  generated password may help you....,

do you have any idea for Remembering Passwords and Protection of Passwords , Please share with me.........


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