Wednesday, June 28, 2017

I've linked my PAN with Aadhaar

I've linked my PAN with Aadhaar
Without changing my name but many can't able to do this.. because of initial differences in both cards that restricts their online inter linking..

If so... Only try to change the name in PAN card don't try to change the name in Aadhaar.. If it's really wrong in Aadhaar entry do it or don't change it because if you once changed name in Aadhaar then that becomes your real identity... That's the main thing your are now going to link everything towards it.
Passport and Aadhaar ,
Bank and Aadhaar,
Driving license and Aadhaar,
Educational certificate and Aadhaar,
House documents, Property documents and Aadhaar,
PAN and Aadhaar
Gas Cylinders and Aadhaar
Electricity and Aadhaar
Cow and Aadhaar

It goes like this... So for just PAN card interlinking don't change the name in Aadhaar .

Try to change the name mistakes only in PAN card or throw your PAN card away and get a new one with Aadhaar entry initials ...

Do you know why I'm saying this...

A family member in my house did this mistake...
And now justifying it...

I want to warn you don't do this same mistakes while interlinking..