Saturday, April 29, 2017

DA DI Tamil Words (டா ,டி) understanding the right meaning

'DA' 'DI' Non classic cultural word in Tamil (DA=டா ,DI=டி)

I hate when my parents call me "DI" not only parents I hate when people call me "DI"

- Tamil Girl

But girls love calling boys "DA" !

If so we will also call "DI" - Tamil Boys
(Only for those irrespective behaviour person)

There are few types of "DA" "DI"s used in Tamil language

Sollu DA Sollu DI (While in love mood)
Poh DA Poh DI (While in anger mood)

Poh DI
Sollu DI
Vantha va varaatti poh DI & DA

DI is a Tamil word which represents the female person
DA is a Tamil word which represents the male person

Usually DA or DI were the words come after a word, and that word gives out the full meaning for the entire words or sentence .
Sometimes it gives different types of expression at different times by the way of using it.

That's it but using it at different times at different levels gives a different meaning

However using this DA DI words towards a unknown person is a disrespect behaviour.
and should not be used on calling an elder person (disrespect) .

usually this word is used in between known persons.
sometimes its used on unknown person or known person while fights to show their disrespect on them.

DA,DI is itself a ironic word which also can be used to show love upon a person .
but expression changes,Slang changes,

Expression ,Slang and the situation decides this word meaning

Actually its a great word it also can be used to represent a group of people
pohnga da ,pohnga  di .
Vanga da , Vanga di

Even Tamilians don't know enough much about this word and you can't even find this in Tamil grammar books.
actually we have to do some research to know how this word is being used and from when it being exits or it intruded from other languages

Even Malayalis people who tries to talk Tamil for first the time usually use this word DA.. Para DA (Sollu DA)

If you like this post Like (Podunga DI & DA s) it
Like podunga Sir Like Podunga Madam
(respectful) (just by carrying some English word instead of DA,DI)
But parents can't use the word sir or madam on their children it seems to be over respectful
So they can use the word DA DI on their children.nothing wrong.
Instead of DA DI they can also use another common word PAA ,(Inga va PAA, Poh PAA)

PAA (பா) is a common word used in between both gender which also even represents both genders.

டோய் (DOHAI , டாய் (DAAI), these word are also similar to DA . which gives out different meaning

+krishna kumar G