Wednesday, March 22, 2017

People Trust internet searches and fall in Trap

This is the tool for marketers, political parties & etc’s to learn about the people and to reach them very easily by some web tricky ways.

Don’t know why people believe in internet searches,
Because basically they had seen and learnt most truthful things from internet at early periods but today its totally changed.

There is no trustworthy Web Pages.
Web Pages may be different and may have different content but remember it all made by a human and not by some external forces.

Example If I had a local news website and I want to promote my/friends/customers own business in internet what I’ve to do?
You’ll say I’ll place ads on webpage’s or I will reach ad agencies,
This is the right way isn’t it?
But do you know what I’ll do.

I will make a fake news in my local website, It will be like this.
“Top 5 business companies in this local area “
Like this I’ll create fake news were 4 business listing will be real and meanwhile I’ll include my own business into this listing at some levels and will include my business offers as news.

So first of all people will trust this local news webpage because it says some truth all day and they will read this news and they will think this news is real but they won’t identify the fake news/ads inside the real news.

Now people will start to know about my business without any ads.

Same way political parties were also list their own ideologies, institutions as Fake news  inside the real news so common people can’t differentiate and identify the difference in between them .

Remember Wikipedia is written by human mistakes may happen, It may also have some percentage of Fake news.
Want your business listing to the top level of Google searches its just simple Search engine optimisation SEO can do this for you at certain payments.

So don’t believe everything on internet, nearly everything is nor Fake or Real.

Then you may ask how to find out the real thing

Its fate, now many companies were working online to identify the fake news and remove it but result is not much better for this society. Because internet is almost fully corrupted by fake news websites. but people can compare the news with some other Webpages so they can identify the fake news Webpages this is the only easy option I’ve now and  other option is just by going to that place or knowing about that business in person .

Every people have to start blogging so the internet will have tons of real life experience information. By doing this many people will have option to see or read about more real life experience news about travelling or about businesses and this will help them to get away from fake news Webpages and people may not be mislead by some cheap Fake news Webpages.

From my Facebook Post
Whatsapp forwardடை  evidence சாக வைத்து argument செயுறவன் senseless person.

No Arguments .

Wikipedia, Google Maps,Quora,Yahoo Answers,SEO Google Searches. எல்லாமே நாங்கதான் டா /டி எழுதுறோம் moment.

+krishna kumar G