Monday, March 20, 2017

BJP Political Route Map in India and world

They have a big Spider web network in the largest populated country.
In that largest member of people hates them but they get votes by caste politics and with Hindutva ideologies .
Strongest IT wing and Financial support from NRIs, Big giants in India is the base.
Even they have other network of communication in between them beyond political party network that comes under religious organisations,Gurukulams,Schools,Yoga Centers,etc .
They catch people from there by Hindutva ideologies.
They train them racist,casteist,Moral policing and with all hatred things,They corrupt their mind.
Result Automatically they became slave and work for them freely.
Becomes fascists

But today's generation people have technology where they can learn about the outer world and this will be the tool for them to overcome all these things.
If it was 50 years back they may have been achieved their target but today its impossible.
World is bigger and connected than your thoughts

(They mixed political party and religious organisations )