Wednesday, November 23, 2016

SBI is a non friendly bank in India

Today in Neyveli : SBI ATM has money 2000 rs notes only but there is no queue,instead people were standing in long queue inside the bank .
I don't have account in SBI becoz even security guard will speak bank rules and close the main door for common people .
I came there for my Mom ,As usual security guard stopped and asked me what purpose you came .
I will come to bank for 100 purposes ,What purpose do you want to hear from me .
Security guard : I will not allow people inside to withdraw money .
I said I'm not came here to withdraw money .
I want to see the manager .For different issue .
He asked What issue ?.
I looked furiously and said I've came to close my account.
He immediately opened the door .
but I really came for Life certificate and for a correction in account details .
I meet the manager and said about the correction .
Manager : I'm not responsible for it , you are responsible for it .
I said I'm not entering bank data's in your computer , If so I'll take the responsibility .
Manager : (Had no way to reply , He took other route ) Ok I'll correct it but come in next week , I'm busy now regarding demonetisation issue.
Actually There is no queue or anything else I'm the only person standing in front of him behind two empty chairs .
Respect less bank in India is SBI .
That's why I don't have account there .
(But SBI net banking is user friendly - without writing a single letter to bank manager you can generate user id and password by yourself,Just u need to have a account there its enough,this is very much comfortable one ,For this no need to go to the bank and do those formality rituals )
(When you are in top level handling cores of rupees means this is the best bank but its not best bank for the common people as they have no good hospitality )
India's largest network bank is SBI

Krishna Kumar G