Saturday, November 12, 2016

Google Map Maker is closing

We need Map Maker please don't close it .

Its one of the greatest product of Google

This is very important product of Google

The final out form of Google Map Maker is Google Maps
Which is Widely used by people all over the world and its used in many GPS devices.

If there is no Google MapMaker then there is no reason of using Google Maps
It will be considered as blind in woods
There will be no routes for the destination .
No one will mark the distance for the destination .
I'm unhappy about it 안🙀

Google Map Maker is closing in March 2017

If it was closed then we will find many problems while travelling to unknown places.

I guess only 30 to 40 % of the places only have been marked in Google maps since it was started.
Still there is long way to go but before that closing the main product Map Maker is not the good idea .

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There is no further news about it from Google whether they're switching to new products related to it or not

@Krishna Kumar G