Sunday, October 9, 2016

Conversation in Seducing Mr.Perfect

Girl : I've been dumped 3 times
Man : Because you don't know the rules
rules of the love game
Girl : Love is not just like playing starcraft , you know .
Man : Yes it is
Man : Its actually a game that requires
even greater precision planing
A game of Power
Mannipulations of emotions to control the mind ..
That's the game
Oh, it is a game
Its a Game where the one who displays affection first ,
gives up total control and goes around like a dog on a collar.
In a relationships, you were the one to call first ,and
he was the one to hang up first, right ?
Girl : Right.
Man : And when you got together, you'd always run to him and
you always give him gifts on anniversaries , only you,right ?
Girl : Right!,How did you know that ?
Man : I know because these are the consequences of dating without any self respect,Miss .
That's how I know .
So take my advice and listen to it .
If you continue acting like this , being so ... pathetic,
you'll always be treated like a trash by men .
and you will grow old... all by yourself .
Girl : Apologize
Man : What would I be apologizing for ?
I've never apologized for anything in my life
Girl : gets anger .Screams .
Man : If you succeed I'll apologize on my knees .
Girl : A women who was just dumped needs a shouder to cry on , not a critic.

Man : Truth always seems to be bitter
Its not the fault of you
He just wasn't the right guy for you .
A friend who can say this .