Friday, August 19, 2016

Indians are racist 2016

Dear other Nations/Countries .Embassies, Institutions ,Industries,Companies,Organisations...
If Indians came to your place.
Please verify your students or staffs social network pages/blogs/webpages before you recruit or place an order .
Check whether they have made a racist post , hate speeches .on it.
Whoever maybe
Just Determine them from that and Terminate them immediately .
no mean to have them right up there if you take risk they will spoil your whole nation.

Only give them up Tourist Visas and chase them away if their valid visa period is over.

Indians are racist they don't treat their country people well. They have higher caste and lower caste among people and behaving like inhuman . They will do the same job wherever they go.They don't have real humanity . They ill treat people with caste differences . Particularly higher caste people ill treat lower caste people in all mean ways .They are the racist.

I'm Indian and I've have been abused by caste discrimination by my own nationalities .
This people won't change until world rejects them

No one in this world will ill treat their own country people like Indians were doing to their same nation people.They carry caste all along with them were ever they travel around this world.

Krishna Kumar G