Sunday, July 17, 2016

War will be between India and Pakistan

According to my guess or assumption there might be a war in between India and Pakistan.
By analysing the world high power nation political movement and several factors including continuous Kashmir violence 2016 ,I frame this structure .
Ruling BJP also prefer war with Pakistan now the situation is more favourable for them.
We can't stop the both nation fighting but we have to be careful .
There will be no 100% physical problem will occur in south India due to this war but there may be few financial problems may occur.
This means Otherwise North Indian part of the nation may face few physical problems due to this oncoming war.
Total nation of Pakistan may face problem.physically and financially at last they may give up the ruling government to Military and that military may come under US control after War.

What we people have to do before this happens ?

You have to secure your money  first .
if you have money in Bank current account please change over it to Savings account or maintain few amount in current account and rest in savings account.
In Demat - Shares may fall down and it will take another 3 to 5 years to rise up..