Sunday, July 24, 2016

Mobile Network provider mafias in India

If you are using Airtel network means you have to open airtel home page or airtel app without any data loss in 2G/3G/4G/5G. That's the true freedom ,were you can recharge or check the balance without any cost.

likewise all other network provider should give full access to their customer to open their network home webpage totally free of cost.

But actually they are charging to access their own network home page its ridiculous .

TRAI should take action on them or TRAI should provide a webpage or app fully free where we can access minimum basic needs in internet ,

Network providers are charging 50 rupees for 10 MB data for accessing internet without their own data packs. This deductible money charge is unacceptable . For recharging the same number or other number without data pack we need minimum atleast 10 to 50MB then think about what they will charge for it.which will be higher than their 1GB data pack charge.

How we will recharge in website or app if our data pack is over.

If you provide accessing your home page/app is for free means we will do our recharge easily without any hustle .

please consider it.

Krishna Kumar G

TRAI sucks