Saturday, July 16, 2016

Female infanticide made Indians males to search life partners abroad :Increase in Global couples in India

In India early 70's and 80's there were large number of female infanticides later in 90's Indian government woke up and started to reducing it by banning the revealing of infant gender during ultrasound scanning pregnant women .
This large number of female infanticide at 80's has now caused a large impact on Indian males to get a bride , There is a huge demand in India to get a bride.
Typically Indians follow arrange marriage system were family members search for bride or groom for their grown up children's and they fix and marriage in between them.In this there are several aspects behind it they will match brides and grooms astrological report and before that they have to be in the same community in the same religion , Later they check up the status wealth health and several all other factors in between brides and grooms family .If everything comes into perfect then they will fix and arrange marriage in between them , its a long huge process sometimes it takes more than a year to get into a marriage .
In this typical cultural system this female infanticide co joined and made Indian males to be bachelor until early 40's of their age .

Female infanticide is a long topic in short its been on practice in all communities for one reason ,
Indian marriages has dowry system which means brides have to pay a huge amount or wealth or gold and silver ornaments to groom to be get married .
parents of the bride have to face all the expense of the dowry , they have to work life hard to earn for it,until their female child gets married , So they started to do Female infanticide to reduce their or get rid of their children marriage expenses , Instead they had male child to get more dowry from brides family during their marriage.

In the World most of the country has more females than males but only in India we have more males than females.
If you don't find a girl for marriage in India means better search somewhere around the world sure definitely you will find one or more ...Don't think about your culture should be carried by a Indian girl that's your foolishness ....that's why Indian guys working in abroad come back to India and pick up a girl from his native state that seems he never found a girl around the world expect India..
I always suggest if you found a right girl anywhere around the world just marry her don't see her culture,religion and nationality.