Thursday, July 21, 2016

End Gun culture by this century

Recent days police officials firing at innocent people have been increased .We have to stop this ,not only this we have to stop gun culture by this century ,

For Police I give few suggestions :

Use Rubber bullets in your gun , Taser gun , Pepper spray and use other method which wont kill a person if  you were accidentally about to shoot .

Use 3 rubber bullets then steel bullets ... on loading first load steel bullets then above load 3 rubber bullets , First shoot with rubber bullets and make the person into control or shoot one steel bullet in leg and make the person into control.

Don't try to kill a person on first shot . This is ridiculous .. Life means one time its valuable won't be replaced by anything for the loved ones.

Civilians should not use guns .

damn end this gun culture soon.

Don't know who will shoot us at any time.

We are in fear and we live in fear .

Krishna Kumar G