Saturday, June 18, 2016

India Price Rice

In India there is monitoring system in all departments from that they are just monitoring and keeping records that's all their job done.
They won't analyse and take necessary steps (Execute) or even respond to it.

Let me explain by a example: Tomato price is 100 rupees per kg ...good let it raise still high. but central gov can forecast this price rise by monitoring the drought in tomato farming areas. Then they can initiate importers to import tomato and they can control the price raise .All these things can be done before the price raise .

Same way Food corporation of India monitors the stocks and recent arrival of food grains .Even they can predict the future price rise by calculating the lack of stocks .Then they can inform gov to take necessary steps ..don't know whether they're doing it or not ?.

If they did it right , then Agriculture ministry ,Chemical and fertilisers ministry ,Finance ministry ,Exports and Imports,Transport ministry will have a joint cabinet meeting and take action towards it..
did this happens....? If so....

Then how its happening ? Onion price rise ,Tomato prise rise,Rice price rise.
Its all a game ...for someones's gain.

If you don't understand this let it be cool
Krishna Kumar G