Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Xerox copies (Photocopies) and Attestation in India

In India Photocopy (Xerox) and Attestation of document is important ,Without this you can't get into any government and private sectors for producing documents and its verifications .

The photocopy industry has a big boom in last two decades ,Photocopy machines run many families in India . Which came into India as a additional package in Public Telephone booths,Photocopies are very cheap price ranges from 50 paise to 1 rupees for each copy.
These photo copy machines are brought from abroad(Imported as scrap) mostly they are used one (second hand usage),These machines are thrown away material from several parts of the world (Banned as it has been used more than its limit)(Environment pollution) ,Few Indian importers buy them as scrap and import to India and furnish them as new machine and sold them very cheaply in India (nearly 45 thousand to 1lakhs (Price may vary)),Those machines may mostly have fault in its Toners .
Lets leave that about photocopy machines and its histories , We can see further about its usages in India.

Photocopies usages :
 Photocopies are used in all types of industries,institutions ,organisations and non organisations in India,Without photocopies verification of document is mostly a hard process in India.They verify photocopies with original document and collect the photocopies as a file and proof of that person.
They may have document scanners but they don't scan up your document and store it in hard disk as proof of identity instead they will insist a photocopy with attestation by relevant authority ,

Without producing photocopies of document you can't open up a new bank or insurance account even though you have all original documents in your hand.

Even in immigration Indian officers may seek photocopies of your Passport/Seaman book or any of your valid original documents,They may have scanners but they will ask for photocopies.So have your photo copies ready when you enter India or you have to run for that, This is a formal process in India.

For education students take more photocopies , For joining schools and colleges they needs hundreds of photocopies of their original documents, While studying they take thousand of photocopies of their Text books ,Students prefer this because photocopies are cheaper than original books (one third of the price).

In a life time each person in India takes nearly thousands of photocopies of documents ,Which would cost around nearly or above Ten thousand rupees in India.

So what do you think about it . No one thinks about it , Its a casual one in India.

Attestation :

Unrecognised money floating industry in India , Only reputed person has authority to attest photocopies by verifying the original documents , Those authorities mostly seek money for attesting the documents,Few persons don't do that.
We need to produce attested documents at every point we admit or expel ourselves in a Company,industry or education institutions.
Without attested documents your photocopies won't be consider as a valid one.
Attestation of documents is an important process in India.

So remember that photocopies and Attestation is very Important part in India

I Attest this blog Post

Krishna kumar G