Saturday, April 9, 2016

Tonight Rape your Husband

Yes tonight make a plan to rape your husband if you're in India
Its not illegal in India to rape your married life partner Marital sex is legal in India (Act 2013)
So rape your wife and rape your husband whenever if they refuse to have sex with you .

Premarital sex also legal in India but not rape or having sex with prostitutes .
I think you understood it or if not just leave it .

If you are a single person don't even touch your sister or brother just keep your hands towards yourself always .

You should not hug anyone or kiss anyone if you are a single person , You should hug yourself and kiss yourself ,Because hugging and kissing others without proper permission may be considered as sexual abuse and illegal in India.
Better get married and rape your life partner  whenever you want . If you don't like that partner just divorce the person whenever you want and marry another one whenever you want and again rape the new person wherever you want ,its all permissible in laws .

As sex is a part of life same way rape your life partner is also a part of life in India ,
As Syrians refugees male group raped German girls during new year celebrations 2016 and as they considered it as a part of their culture same way in India rape your life partner is also a part of their culture that's why Indian law is not against them.

In some countries its against law ,If you force your life partner for sex it will be considered as rape and becomes illegal  and against law,Sometimes they may send legal divorce notice for it and claim lawsuit for their damage during rape.

In India its not considered as rape because there may be several reasons but the court said they are protecting relationship bond between life partners from being separated as divorce.If this law comes into enforcement means millions will get divorce for rape case against their life partners.

India is a society were people are not even given freedom to choose a life partner for themselves ,Their parents took this responsibility and find a life partner for their children and arrange a marriage in between them ,Without knowing the person properly they get married each other and bond together until death . This is the common marriage life style in India .So automatically their children's become dominant to their parents for all problems they don't have stability to face it by their own ,Mostly they won't take responsibility for any issues ,They always search for help even for a simple issues ,Only male dominant nations practice this types of marriages .and they proudly call it as their culture and value of their society .

Where in other nations they simply marry if they find their perfect loving partner without any interference they are choosing their real life partner they don't see race ,culture,rituals,money and gender , They just marry if they like a person and lead their life in normal,
Same way divorce is there but its not mandatory as we think, They divorce only if their partners cheats them by having sex with other persons without their knowledge or having another family without their knowledge . They won't commonly divorce a person for not better performing in sex with them because they have sex before marriage during their hang out (hook ups), At that time itself they will know about their partner performance very well and after that only they get into marriage and better they don't even consider sex is a issue in mainstream of life.

Here in India we can divorce a person for not having better sex ,A couple date (without sex) for several years and get into marriage and if they can't able to perform good in sex means they can divorce their life partner or If  a married person looses his eyes/legs/hands or any organ in a accident and can't able to lead a sexual life means he or she has a more chance to get to be divorced.
Here love is not important only sexual pleasure and money is important.

So tonight rape your life partner even if they are not willing to have sex with you.

I can rap (Sing Song) but can't rape as I'm single

Krishna kumar G