Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Still Whats App is Hackable,Easy Ways

I give out simple and easy way to hack Whats app even though it released up new update to secure Whats app with end to end encryption ,In which Whats app denotes its not hackable by hackers (FBI) and they even can't open up the messages and view its content.

Just one thing anything is owned by Facebook is a place for advertiser,Advertised needs data for market analysing.Data is nothing but user information.

Now there is a security threat to all nations due to this Whats app new update ,Terrorist and anti-national,Criminals will share their message safely through Whats app.
Everyone has privacy now ?
Now all National government are supposed to Ban Whats app for national security reasons, Even India have to Ban Whats app.

Hack Whats app in Easy way : I say Whats app is still hackable ,Its an old simple technique , By this we can hack Whats app easily,Dear hackers  watch closely what I say ,

  1. Whats app is now locked with End to End encryption,Key is thrown away after a message was delivered.
  2. Who needs a Key ? Let it be lost somewhere else,Hackers won't search for keys.
  3. Just break the Lock ,You may ask how its possible ?
  4. Yes its possible but not for all Whats app accounts.

Steps to open up Whats app messages :

Go to Whats app settings you can find a Chats option,Where you can see a Chat Backup option in that every what app messages has been saved some where else in Cloud platform.

If you found the address (email) of the cloud platform then that's the gateway to read all the Whats app message you want to hack up.

Do you understand ?

I'll describe in pictures below

This the settings page apart from Account you can see a Chats option

Chat back up where you have your Whats app account back up option.

Your Messages are stored in a cloud platform ,Google Drive which is accessible by Gmail account

This is how Whats app back up is done ,

Timing of back up you can even choose never but I can't guarantee that Whats app seriously will not back up your account.

Just by knowing the email id of the concern person , we can hack their Google account and read those Whats app messages.

This is the Google drive where Whats app messages are stored as back up,

Even you can hack any cloud platform or Those companies will read those messages if they want (Security concern)

Even we can hack Dropbox and read those messages or content in it.

Do you know Dropbox,Google Drive and Even Google Play store is hackable,
Your Android OS itself a hackable one, Whats app is a app content in it . Then what ?

So this means someone can still read up your Whats app messages isn't it ?

Oh no sorry but you can't read mine
because I don't have an email client in my whats app account,So no backup is possible in my account , If you don't back up your account it is still safe,Believe it pictures below ,So its not possible to hack my account. (I can't assure it )

My account is further more safe

For Security reasons
I'm not using Whats app

Krishna Kumar G