Saturday, April 2, 2016

Sex offers endless possibilities. If you think you’ve done it all

I still don't understand what this topic says about ?
Sex sex sex without sex world will survive but we won't exit in this world because sex brings out the life , Human beings are generated by sex or from sex.

What do you think about your generations ? will you want it or want to be vanished .

Did you had sex ?

For what purpose do you had ?

For fun,pleasure,casual,time pass,compulsion,raped or for to get pregnant (Give birth to child )

Today we have protective sex by which we can stop reproduction (child birth) and mainly we can safe guard us from STD (Sexual transmitted disease ).

I don't need to give out explanation how to have sex , If you don't know about it just watch few porn movies , OK watch more porn movies , This will not offer you sex but we can learn what sex is about.If you got a chance to have sex for first time or last time,Don't try to apply all sexual acts on a single trial , be steady and slow with high performance .handle it like you are handling a flower ,

Endless Possibilities :
                            If you already had experienced sex at your early age (Teen age),You will have a different mindset rather than your friends at your age. You must have a matured thinking,Your cruel behaviour will work out to have more fun whenever possible,You may cross one or more sexual partner in the future,You are the person really enjoying the sex, You will use sex for your endless possibilities , By using sex you will achieve your benefits.

I'm virgin like a guy in the movie "Forty year old virgin" but I'm giving out sexual advise to the sexualities people .This is not my fate this is your fate to listen about it.

Waiting to have sex with only to my lovable partner and not with anyone else .

May be continued............................

Unsex wearing Unisex mindset

Krishna Kumar G