Sunday, April 3, 2016

Pay for your Sins

Omg you have to pay for your SIN , you have done a lot of sin ,now its Time to pay for it.

From my life experience I say it , yes we have to pay for our sins.

If you believe in god or not ,I don't know about it but every sin has a price value.
"Truth never Fails,
We Reap What We Sow."

What's the Price ?
Yep,Price is not about money, It may be something which you don't know about it before it happens,Even it may be your loved ones dead (Simple payment isn't it).
(உன் வாய்ல இருந்து நல்ல வார்த்தையே வராதா ?) (உண்மையத்தானே சொல்றேன்)

Who fixes the Price ?
       Still don't know exactly who fixes the price but some external force is doing that , We call it as God . If you believe it or not its happening ,

Few call it as "Karma" which means destiny or fate, Following as effect from cause,
By karma we are paying for our Sins.

What is Sin ?
   Good question but I give answer from Wikipedia .
"Sin can also be viewed as anything that violates the ideal relationship between an individual and God; or as any diversion from the perceived ideal order for human living"

There are many types of sins.Each religion talks about different kinds of sin,But all together causes the same effect ,Every Sin has a price you have to pay for it.

Ya I said about my Life experience .

That's not I said from the sin I caused to other persons , Its about the other persons who caused Sin against me and they suffered lot in their life , Why they suffer lot ? yes I've have pure heart (not hype) that's the fact,They disturbed my purity that may caused them to pay a lot in their life,The persons who caused sin against me have to pay their price,They can't get away (I'll not revenge them) I keep calm let I allow God hands to cruse upon them, I just see them suffering lot in their life.
That means am I living good without suffering ? No I too suffer a lot ,It means whether I've caused any sin to others, may be I remember few and I've already pay the price for it. I've lost many things in my life ,Even I can't able to pay for my bills, I live like a beggar ,I struggle to live my life now,
Whatever may be I Trust in God.

I'm a Sinner :
What kind of sins you've done ?
My sins are very less Low graded one ,Where I've to pay a low price for it , But remember if you have done high graded sins means then you have to pay a lot as Karma.

What is the scale to measure high grade and Low grade sin ?
                   Don't ask question like this , I can't say  exactly which scale measures the sins but if you are a believer you must know your religious scriptures which describes about sins and its effects ,God has a scale which measures those high and low grade sin,Basically you itself can measure it by seeing the affected person whom you've caused the sin ,If the person is highly affected means then no matter you have to face high grade sin effect,

When it will happen ?
         Whenever it may happen but basically it happens when you thing you're going to next level of enjoyment in your life .It strikes up your enjoyment and puts you in vain.

How to overcome it ?

             Yes thats the right question !, Repent in front of god and plead for forgiveness , if you're not have been forgiven by god ,Then go to the concern person or family who has been affected by your Sin and help them ,Give a hand to over come from the situation you made to them,repent to them and ask sorry to them, Be a footrest to them.By this way you can pay the price for your sin,

you can't pay the price by giving offerings to god ,Don't give alter offerings to god for your sins,Its not a right way to pay for your sins,You just repent that's enough and go and help the affected family by your sin that will be the best offering you give to god as a price for your sin.

If you want to know more don't call me or message me ...and waste time.just repent .

As a Sinner

Krishna Kumar G