Monday, April 4, 2016

Passionless non respect greedy girls and elegant liberal passion-able girls

We see only these few types of girls where this post title says all about it .Better not to read the post if you well understood it from this title.

Passionless Girl : I totally hate passionless girls ,Whoever may be beautiful or rich I don't like them if they don't have passion in life, They simply do anything for others sake of compulsion,They won't live a life for themselves.I mean every girl should have a passion in her life and they should go forward towards it ,Which gives them a real beauty,In India we mostly spot like this passionless girls,They end up their career and passion life in marriage and they vanish form the world eyes.

Non Respect girl : Same way I hate non respect girls ,Who ignore people for their nature and status.
They are the worst person in the world.

Greedy Girls : Greedy girls word itself defines the meaning,They are greedy on Jewels,materials,siblings,friends,neighbours and others,They won't achieve anything in life but they always want to achieve something owned by others in all sorts of cruel ways .

Elegant Girls :
                  Pleasingly graceful and stylish in appearance or manner.Not like that non respect girl they behave very friendly,They take care everyone and keep in touch with everyone wherever they are,Whatever the matter they won't consider it seriously instead they handle the situation very gently ,Soft nature and They move very friendly close to the heart.

Liberal Girls : They are opposite to greedy girls , They will adjust in life whatever the situation comes, They lead their life in a very simply way,Every boys dream girl as a life partner ,

Passionable Girls (Passionate) : Do you understand the meaning what I coming to say , Girl who are passionate in some field of their choice and in which they perform very excellently .They may have several fan following ,Everyone will fall in love with them,Whether they are beautiful or not they will shine according to their passion of interest.

You didn't say about adventurous girls ?,Yes because it comes under Passionable girls .

If you want I will say about it separately

Adventurous Girls : Today there is a huge increase in adventurous girls ,Who love to travel and do things alone according to her passion,There are many types of adventurous girls who can be differentiated according to their adventure they pursue ,they are mostly friends with boys because they mostly learn from them a lot about adventures (No mistake) ,They achieve many thinks in life,They may get more boy friends but Choosing a life partner is a hard thing for them,Boys may think they can't get inside a family nature (They will go for adventure instead of taking care of the family) (Hey I'm not thinking like that) (I love adventurous girls,I support them)(Best passion in the world)

I will add one thing my favourite one <Manly Girls> have you heard off ?

Manly Girls : Who wear men costumes and behave like men,Cut their hair like men,Act like men ,I love them so much , I'll be watching them till they vanish from my vision (Sight adiching),They maintain better than normal (gethu) like men.

Beach Girls : (செருப்பு பிஞ்சிரும் ? isn't it ?) Not Bay watch girls , I came to say Girls who are fond of beaches ,That's all (For Fun)

Bitch Girls : No words about them (I'm Quite )

Same can be defined with man but in different format ,

Hey I'll continue more..
(என்ன இது எல்லாம் படிச்சா எவளும் என் பக்கத்துல கூட நிக்க மாட்டாளுங்க)

Krishna Kumar G