Friday, April 1, 2016

No other way ? become immdiate Social worker or Sudden Feminist

Topic may non relevant to you (Normal Person) but that's the true fact behind every celebrity,At end of their career they become Social worker or Feminist and I'm not considering the person in this post who comes back to normal life at end.
I'm not targeting the real social worker and real feminists,only few people were really dedicated to do it for real but most of them do it for sake or for their individual gain and become like double standard people.

Immediate Social Worker :
                Popular persons when they loose their popularity and creditability they suddenly became as a social worker , They will start to care about the world 

Sudden Feminist :

In this video you may see as person dancing that may be sunny leone or not but when we consider sunny leone she becomes feminist in India and porn actress and nude dancer in US she post forwards her double standard activities in between these two nations according to its culture and nature.Not only pointing out her but many celebrities behave like this they play double standard in this feminist issue.(I'm sure porn star can be a feminist nothing wrong in it)

When a girl is abused by their spouse,siblings,Children's or by their family member they find fault on the victim girl and if the accused was other person they come to safe guard the victim girl they play double standard in these type of issues.