Saturday, April 2, 2016

My Friends Forever

Lamrinz Nirmal - We are friends from school days,We play in his home and he use to come to my home early morning then we both ride cycle together to school

Narasimman - School friend ,Sports friends from my young age.Still in contact

Praveen .C - School, Family friend ,neighbour and we play together.

Manickam - School friend ,We study together during school days,He is physiotherapist did his           college in Annamalai university , were I too studied.

 Anbalagan -Good friend ,We use to go back to home from school together,Girls freak,His father and my father worked at same place,

Umashankar - He travel more than a hour to reach school ,Good friend,He visits everyone's home.
                    At young age both Anbalagan and Umashankar will hold my hands while walking                               During school break time,

Rajasekar - Good friend,FRrom school days , We even contacted in letters,

Premananth -

Gopinath -

D Senthil -


Vanchinathan - who is my school mate 11 and 12 th standard and my friend,Who took me to                                       Telephone Quatres the place where he lived and introduced more friends .

Suresh Rajenderan - my friend who was former classmate of Vanchinathan , We three use to study for                                  exams in Neyveli Bharathi stadium, Later her studied Pharmacy in Annamalai                                      university with me.

Rajesh Rajenderan - Brother of Suresh,College mate and friend,We roamed many places ,We did                                          many things in Annamalai university , They are also my family friend.

SomKumar - My best friend, Who is no more , He tread me like his brother , their family Tread me as                      their family member .I miss him so much.After school days we became close friends.

Heman Kumar
Ranjith Kumar
Santhosh Kumar

Manikandan -

Bala Sakthivel -

Ganesh -

Senthil (Bonda) -

Balaji K - I know him from Rajesh his school friend,We became friends ,We did many things .Good family.

Jagadisan (Jack dison) - Who calls me jolly man (because I never worried about anything) He is no                                             more,Only person witnessed my Tamil speech about humanity in Annamalai                                                    university Library auditorium .

Kirubashankar - Who is also no more now , He was my college mate , I understood him very well but he don't even know about what my character is, Who sold me a mobile phone and later stole it from me(Double Crossed) , but I forgive him at the right same moment for it,he never expected it.I comforted him, He was my friend till he lived .

Arunbalan : Loosu my friend no words ( blank space  )

Vasanth    : Vasanth ,Arunbalan,Kiruba are school mates and all three of them were become my friend  during college days ,They are still my friends .

Senthil (26)- Good friend , who even gave me his tuition fees for my emergency purpose (I should say this),Family oriented guy , College mate and friend still now.

Kabilan - Who travels with me from my college days best friend.

Pradeep Kumar M - Know him from my college days, Good person,I had lot of conversation with him,We have good contacts with each other wherever we are.

Ananhadurai - Know him from Som , Who keeps in touch with me from my college days ,

Chitrakanth : know him from Som , Shared lot of things,Know him from college days ,I've even visited his native place ,Good family. Anandhadurai,Kanth,Som and Arunbalan we are connected with friendship.

Ananth V - Very good person , Friend in contact with me from my college days ,We meet whenever possible,We share lot of things .

Krishna Moorthy - I'm one of the person who went to his home,My college mate ,Good friend ,Who keeps his contact with me,He always want me to become as a great person,He worries for me and my situation.

B Arun - Good person ,my college mate ,Still keeps contact with me,Early married family guy.


Gemini Jai Ganesh -

Jayabal - School mate and friend , who keeps his contact with me all he time,whatever s the situation,hard worker,

Kundri Siva Chandran -

Tamilkumaran - Good guy, Struggles lot to support his family

Murugesan -

Manikandan (Pumps)-

Pranab - Keeps his contact with me Good friend.
With each friend I have lot of my memories to share but no time no space now , I will do it in future.
Mostly I treat everyone as my friend ,I never hate anyone for any reason, I may not talk to them for certain reasons.

I won't consider girls in this list (For safety Purpose)

Don't worry if i didn't say your names .
Still many are there ......I will update...

(I write this because I'm going for a brain surgery .
I may loose my memory) Just Lied.


Krishna Kumar G