Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Multi level Voting Booth (Smart Voting Booth)

Elections: "Smart Voting Booth" what it mean ?

Its an Electronic biometric election voting machine booth ,Where Voters can cast their vote by bio metric process.

People who are working away from their constituency are not casting vote because they have to travel to their polling station at least for 4 to 8 hours if they are in the same state , If suppose they are working in other states means they have to travel for a day to reach the polling station,People who work in abroad won't take that risk to travel because of cost expense.

If they are interested to poll their vote from any where means they can now vote up in "Smart Voting Booth"

In future it will be kept in each constituency were people can come up and cast their vote if they were not belong to the same constituency , Same way it will be kept in Indian Embassy and Important places around the world .

Electronic biometric machine will read up their identity with EPIC no (Voter card no) and loads up their vote and transmits to the core system of Election commission ,This vote is included and calculated during vote counting process.

Is this system is in India ?.
No , In future it may come.

Krishna Kumar G