Monday, April 25, 2016

Its Time to Upgrade our Kids

Today we are upgrading ourselves and adapting the new ideas, innovation and technologies few may think its a easy process for them but many struggle to upgrade themselves and better stay in the past itself mean while did you think about our kids who was born and brought up in this new era .

The science brought us new technologies like internet and smart phones were we hang out with people and interact in social media and cross platforms.Internet is a gateway were we can access many different kinds of websites and stay their for various purposes .

Today's kids are very much well known to the newest technologies ,They know to access internet and smart phones . They even know to code a program and create a apps for themselves.
nothing to worry about it but accessing nudity and sexual content is very much nearer to them when they were in internet . Even we are forced to use ad blocker as ads in websites are misleading kids to view sexual contents .We can't able to stop them.
(Even playstation,xbox and VR games have sexual contents)

So what's the solution ?

Easy now we have to follow new steps by upgrading ourselves.

We have to start sex education right from the home,Many schools in India wont teach sex education and colleges don't have sex education,So people expectation about sex is so high and it brings more curiosity to the people to know more about the sex and the sexual contents . So they access the internet to view sexual content in porn sites .We can't stop them its their rights but we can warn them accessing those websites below age 18 is not allowed and we can explain them about the causes .

Better schools should start teaching sex education , So that we can stop teen pregnancies,STD's,sexual abuse and social injustice.

Teach kids about the traffic rules in early ages so they can easily walk or ride cycle by knowing about it.let them keep in memory of few emergency contact numbers so that they can contact at you in any difficult situations.

Give them some money and allow them to spend it and teach them how to manage it .

Give them few tasks (cooking,gardening & etc) in a month and let them completed it alone without depending on others.

Allow them to speak with others to the people whom you mostly say to them as strangers,So that they can learn new things and develop themselves by managing people.

Keep them away from Junk foods,Let them play outside,Reduce the risk of obesity in future.
Keep them away from bad habits like smoking and drinking ,Explain them about its dangerous causes.

Be friendly to them but same way don't forget to condemn their bad acts caused by them.

You just test your kids at a periodic of time about everything and make it sure they are upgraded , This will be worth for their future .