Monday, April 11, 2016

I won't live for 100 years

Already I've lived nearly 32 years in this Earth ,
My journey is Awesome but it went away like Singlesome.

Everyday is Sunday for me .
Definitely Sunday is also Sunday only for me.

Happy Happy Happy

Life goes like this

Yes I too have troubles like everyone but I know I'll overcome through it gently like a boss.

I don't like to hurt anyone even though I've been got hurt from others.

I've many untold success stories

Under the age of 12 I had my own Cricket Team ,I was the Captain of that team .Where players will be at the average age of up to 25 . I'll manage each and everyone that's my skill.We have won many matches in my town and lost too.

For studies I have dropped my team at age of 14.

Later after dismantling my Cricket team I've joined as a ordinary player in other team,That's my nature , 

Why I say this here ?
No more secrets that's why .

What are you going to achieve by saying this ?

Then why are you saying it ?
It may be a silly thing but I want to say it in my blog .No one other than me knows about it .Those are wonderful memories it should not be vanished , It should be shared out of my Heart.

I use to teach college students at age of 15,About what ? (another untold story)

We live in a short span of life ,We have no time for anything but we have to mange it and make ourself available for others , that's what I'm doing here. We won't live for 100 years but we are living right now .We have to use this opportunity in good way without fail .
(my blog will survive through it successfully ).

So don't hurt anyone, Love others.

I'm the Dreams

Krishna Kumar G