Sunday, April 3, 2016

I control my emotions until I get a Hug

I never cry for unnecessary things ,
I simply stand still as a hard hearted person what ever the worst situation happens.
I don't know why ? May be I've developed this from my worst life situations.
I will explain in simple way .

When my father died , I didn't cry,The person who was paralysed and I was taking care for 3 years ,I was trying to cry but my eyes doesn't became wet .Everyone were watching me as I don't had a single tear,On next day before he was buried a friend came and Hug me ,Then everything came out as tears ,I was crying and no one was able to control me .

This is the first time I myself did a life experiment for myself and found i won't cry as easily.

year my close friend died ,I didn't cried , but as usual on next day had a hug and I cried very loudly ,until I faint away,No one was able to control me and my emotions ,Many comforted me.

Later Nov 2013 met with a bike accident (Its a common thing happens)
This time 2 accidents in a day , no single tear , broke my ribs ,many internal & external damages all over my body,Still I've pain all over my joints , I don't care about it ,

Sometimes I cry for no reason :

While watching a movie out of more emotion in it .

while I was over thinking about some situation (Story framing works) (Dreaming)

While in bed tear comes and makes pillow wet (releases pressure in the eye) (I get relaxed after that)

If you need to see my emotions ?

Just give me a Hug

With Tears

Krishna Kumar G