Friday, April 1, 2016

Get ready to worry about your Penis size : Size and Shape matters

Absolutely you will get worry after reading this post whoever may be the straight,gay and bisexual .

Don't ask your wife or gf about the ideal penis sizes she may don't know about it exactly .

Lets ask about it to some porn stars, Look out what they say.

Dear friends don't worry about it be cool yes I know you are worrying just relax, Those are the highly trained  vaginas don't compare their ideal size of penis,Those penis won't be available other than porn stars , Your wife may not expect this or those type of penises ,She may be satisfied just by your normal dick. I may be don't know  better I suggest you to ask her itself... ha ha :P

Let's see What Indian girls and guys think about Penis sizes  because they are foreigners they are genetically different from us .

get ready set go

" Doesn't damage the vagina's ",  12" inch or 12 cms ? actually girls don't know about the length measurements.

Just carry forward ourselves to another video

Yes we talk about dicks here if you feel uncomfortable you just close your eyes oops sorry ears .

Hey guys if you have small penis don't worry there are few steps to increase your dick size and you may have sex and provide more pleasure to your partner but I guarantee that it only won't give you out good relationship,Real relationship is different which won't consider penis and boob sizes ,It depends on the person you get into the relationship.

Still continuing ................more about it wait.......

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A banana dick pic from my instaram page

Don't ask my size its not revealed in public

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