Saturday, April 9, 2016

Did One Night Stand exists ? May not be romantic, is it ?

In one night they make a stand for their cabinet or Did they stand for one night and they fall at their first step in the morning ?

Actually One Night Stand is not like that its all about sex and having sex for one night with random partners, Is it right ? Yes
A sexual relationship lasting only one night .

Oh it seems to be more fun isn't it ?

But real fact is different ,

If a guy approaches a girl for one night stand would be a illegal issue and its against the Indian law.

Same way if a girl approaches a Guy for Sex for a night would be consider as prostitution and  it also against the Indian Law.

This situation is not meant for Gays and lesbians .May be illegal and I don't know about it .

Then How its happening ?

Yes its happening , I can't particularly point out the exact way how its happening but its happening,Its all about the lust and pleasure , Even a phone conversation may lead to one night stand.
Most of the guys think its happening only at and after parties or after a dating hangouts ,Maybe but its happening everywhere , Even in your office it may be happening , The person who gets chance for one night stand knows all about it .

Its their personal business we should not deal with it.

Will it be Romantic ?

Absolutely No , I think so (I don't know about it ) (If you think its romantic just email me about it)
It will not be romantic , its only about releasing sexual pleasure . Just knowing the level of excitement in sex,
Careless Sex they won't care about the partner with them during one night stand , They just end up their pleasure upon their body and get out of them without any love.

May lead to divorce :

Sometimes it becomes a serious problem , if you are married person and had one night stand with someone and caught red handed with your life partner means then it may directly lead you to get divorce.

One night stand selfies and Videos :

           One night stand selfies and videos are most popular in internet , Girls post their selfies during one night stand in Snapchat,Instagram and Facebook to get them popular sensational figure among friends and others,Meanwhile she insists her friends that she had sex (ONS) with a good looking handsome person rather than others, Normally Men won't do this act only girls are dong this in Snapchat and Instagram. Men only leak videos of their one night stand in internet and make all viewers happy about it.
Because of your ignorance you won't believe it

One night stand with friends :
                              Its sometime called as friends with benefits,Yes they have sex as a part of their friendship,their relationship does not ends up just with one night stand and it may be continued as a life partner if they later fell into a serious relationship.If they are already married person they may continue their illegal relationship secretly without their knowledge of their life partners.

One night stand in India :

  Yes in India there is one night stand but its slightly different from rest of the world ,In India sometimes they marry the same person after one night stand if they find this partner is better than their married partner , Sometimes this illegal sex leads to crime,
Here people are having multiple one night stand with the same partner or with strangers but if you interrogate with them about it they will refuse to expose it .
Students are in one night stand (Those are well planned) they commit this act without their knowledge of their parents but they get caught while leaking their sexual video tapes on internet (Revenge Porn)
Not all Indians are doing one night stand only very few do this because its not a safe zone to hang out with a person for one night stand,Currently India is not the right place for one night stand .But we Indians are always ready for one night stand (Honestly I say this)(No hide and seek) (all human nature)(As sex is a part of life) ,

India is highly rich in culture in that few people live as brahmachari (Who follows brahmachariam) Who won't have sex in life term and leads life as single ship,
The people who won't cheat their life partner won't have one night stand with friends,colleague and strangers

I've already said its their business and we should not interfere into it seriously.
Don't look out their bed room.

We should hear about it, watch about and feel happy about it ,That's our one night stand is all about .

Happy one night stand may lead to STDs (not phone call) or AIDS , So aware of it and be protective.

One night stand is not the essential one to lead the harmony (not music) of life

Refused One night stands
Being Single
Krishna Kumar G