Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Big Boss upgraded to Sex Box

Now a days TV shows are getting more weird , Sometimes they become as real life changing one.
Same was playstation and VR Games are getting more weird more sexual contents in it disturbs children's and parents .

Big boss is TV reality show
  You all know about this show ,Which is also popular in India ,This show is Indian version of Big brother, India spotted and recognized Sunny leone from this show.Colors TV India Telecast this show.Evicting contestants and selecting winner from a isolated fabricated house play around 80 to 105 days.Hosted by celebrities,Winner gets Prize money around 1 Crore and celebrity status after the show ends. This show has some vulgar content but it also a popular one and entertains people of India.

Sex Boss  also a TV show were people has sex inside a sound proof box which has surveillance camera and records up their sex play and later they come out of the box and discuss about their sexual activities with a sex advisor and get answers for their faults and mistakes in a public show .
UK's Channel 4 run this show now its moving to US.

This is Ellen show video where they demonstrate about this Sex Box show

More about it coming up ,

This show in future may enter into all nations like Big Boss.(Welcome to India)
If you are a Big Boss fan then surely you would like up this show.

India's "V" channel has the more sexual content reality shows from early days .Even their serials are also consists of sexual contents.

Have you watched these types of TV shows are already in Japan,Yes Japanese TV shows are really sexy ones , They have more sex shows in public TV channels mostly they are Sex Game shows.They have the worlds most worst game shows.Mostly they are funny to watch.

As a Tv watcher

Krishna Kumar G