Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Auto response Artificial Intelligence apps

Here we go

Auto Response(Respond) Artificial Intelligence apps

What it mean ?

A app developed to respond by its own to our needs or business needs which is developed under Artificial intelligence technology .
Its not like auto responder email system or auto responding messenger bot system.Its more than that.Connects directly you to the world according to your responses.

How it works ?

At first it collects your data from you and responds to your needs ,
It even knows about your health,bank account status and your way of thinking .

I will give out some example :

If you are waiting for a bus in a bus stop (You can also search for bus arrival timing) Your bus may be late.At that time  there will be a alert message or call from Auto Response apps, Hey near by you there is a Uber taxi , As a Taxi is waiting nearby you to pick with offer rates . If you want a ride just say 'Yes'. we will reach you.

Just imagine If you are crossing a Cafe by walking and you will get a alert message from Cafe that 'Today we are in celebration offer ' buy one and get one free. Like that.

Yet I give another Example ,
This app identifies your health status ,Diet status and warns about blood sugar levels , Ask you for to make a Doctor appointment nearby you,If you say 'Yes' it automatically books doctor appointment and intimates doctor about your health condition with a message,Then doctor makes all arrangements for your treatment,It just takes care of you.Even automatically calls for an ambulance in a emergency situation.

Don't ask will it book a prostitute for sex .
Yes it will and warn you about it as its illegal (according to countries law) , Warns about safer sex,
Without responding to this app if you're moving against law it will automatically intimate your family members about it , If they don't respond to it ,This app may call police or social activists to guide you.

I dream this app but I don't know how to code it.
I gave out the concept.
I just know the structure of it and I know how this app out put will became a life changing material.

Its an open source world anyone can copy this concept and make your own app.

Lets see how you build up it . (Google,facebook or someone else)

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Krishna Kumar G