Saturday, April 30, 2016

Don't hurt other religious people's sentiments, dear feminists shut off Warning! .

Feminism is not entering temple ,mosque also included popes basilica . There are some dress code we have to follow it while entering religious places ,no matter its male or female gender.
Show your feminism in real women empowerment.
I support feminism but nowadays people using it for wrong purposes.

 Feminism can't eradicate Superstitions beliefs in a religion but Rationalist can do it.
Both have huge difference while acting upon religion issue.
A Rationalist can be Feminist or a Feminist can be Rationalist but that's not the matter here .

Here problem is different .

Dear India Stop raising up your family as your ancestors did ?

Hey do you know you're rising up your kids in a wrong way.
Yes you're rising them as the way you've been rise by your parents or do you following the ways or pattern or the method used by your ancestors on rising up your kids .

I some facts you may be right but most of the ways you're wrong .

Lets check about it .

Education :

Special Training :

Talents :

Social Behaviour :

Leadership qualities :

                   Decision making :

Live Alone :

to be continued...........

Krishna Kumar G

Monday, April 25, 2016

Its Time to Upgrade our Kids

Today we are upgrading ourselves and adapting the new ideas, innovation and technologies few may think its a easy process for them but many struggle to upgrade themselves and better stay in the past itself mean while did you think about our kids who was born and brought up in this new era .

The science brought us new technologies like internet and smart phones were we hang out with people and interact in social media and cross platforms.Internet is a gateway were we can access many different kinds of websites and stay their for various purposes .

Today's kids are very much well known to the newest technologies ,They know to access internet and smart phones . They even know to code a program and create a apps for themselves.
nothing to worry about it but accessing nudity and sexual content is very much nearer to them when they were in internet . Even we are forced to use ad blocker as ads in websites are misleading kids to view sexual contents .We can't able to stop them.
(Even playstation,xbox and VR games have sexual contents)

So what's the solution ?

Easy now we have to follow new steps by upgrading ourselves.

We have to start sex education right from the home,Many schools in India wont teach sex education and colleges don't have sex education,So people expectation about sex is so high and it brings more curiosity to the people to know more about the sex and the sexual contents . So they access the internet to view sexual content in porn sites .We can't stop them its their rights but we can warn them accessing those websites below age 18 is not allowed and we can explain them about the causes .

Better schools should start teaching sex education , So that we can stop teen pregnancies,STD's,sexual abuse and social injustice.

Teach kids about the traffic rules in early ages so they can easily walk or ride cycle by knowing about it.let them keep in memory of few emergency contact numbers so that they can contact at you in any difficult situations.

Give them some money and allow them to spend it and teach them how to manage it .

Give them few tasks (cooking,gardening & etc) in a month and let them completed it alone without depending on others.

Allow them to speak with others to the people whom you mostly say to them as strangers,So that they can learn new things and develop themselves by managing people.

Keep them away from Junk foods,Let them play outside,Reduce the risk of obesity in future.
Keep them away from bad habits like smoking and drinking ,Explain them about its dangerous causes.

Be friendly to them but same way don't forget to condemn their bad acts caused by them.

You just test your kids at a periodic of time about everything and make it sure they are upgraded , This will be worth for their future .

Sunday, April 24, 2016

I Thank God for all my struggles

I never felt that until yesterday , From Today I want to thank god for giving me all sorts of troubles .
I love god so much and I pray to god for all my needs and thank him for satisfying my needs .
But never thanked him for all my troubles may be I've been forgot about it .

Now I learned to thank god giving for giving me a lot of troubles in my life .

More than 10 years I'm struggling lot .Thanks for testing me. I've lost many lovable's,I know the value of life , That's why I'm still surviving .

I'm not alone and I take care of lovable's and I protect them and I feed them.

Keishna Kumar G

Seems like hypersomnia symptoms

Usually I won't sleep in day time
I will be doing something or I'll watch TV or Working in my computer or play something somewhere.
But past one month I've practised sleeping in day time.I say away till 2 AM and woke up at 6:30 Am and I feel asleep at 11:00 AM and woke up at 12:30 PM and again I feel asleep at 2:30 PM after lunch and woke at 4:30 PM or at 5:30 PM.

I gaining more weight due to that and I want to change that cycle and I want to engage myself in some activities during day time.

Climate is so hot around 40C so I feel tired and get into sleep but I'm not like this until now ,It may be ageing factor or due to obesity . I've to do something .

I want to change my routine activities .

Anyone around my town can hang with me in some activities and we can entertain ourselves .

Contact me

Krishna Kumar G

Monday, April 18, 2016

What are you doing is the most awkward question I hear

What are you doing is the most awkward question I hear and I don't have perfect answer for it.
I always hear this question whenever I meet a new person or a old friend .
this question is making me to say a lie to each and everyone when they ask. i give different answers to different people.

Real truth is I don't know what I'm doing . I can't able to point out what I'm exactly doing in this wicked worked .

I get weird when filling up forms (Bank,Office) at the place seeing question as
"What are you doing ?"
but I use to give some inappropriate answer for it

Currently I say a lie to you .

If you ask me what are you doing ?

I'm a Blogger

Krishna Kumar G
and also don't ask How much I earn ?

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Posing nude in a scenic spot is performance of art or a disrespectful behaviour?

Now people started to pose nude in most scenic spot around the world and they call it as art.

Even in Taj mahal,Pyramid and all the wonders of the world people give these type of nude poses.

Mark Zuckerberg doesn't likes WhatsApp in this world

Yes What's app is killing everything even it started to kill its own motherhood company Facebook ,
So Mark well planned to kill Whats app by its own features .
WhatsApp  cross platform mobile messaging app used by billions of people around the world,
WhatsApp has more users in India other than rest of the world.Its a Free messaging app.

How it Kills Facebook :
        Not only facebook its destroying many companies projects ,Viewers watching videos in YouTube has been reduced by WhatsApp ,People upload the same video from YouTube in WhatsApp and sharing it to their friends group and from that group it spreads to millions of people,At last Youtube started loosing its viewers and its revenues.
When you share YouTube video in Facebook it holds the official link and redirects people to YouTube, This protects the copyrights of the video uploader and YouTube generates its revenue without any loss.

Same way now WhatsApp started to disturb Facebook revenue,Slightly Facebook users have been reduced (activity of members has been reduced ) due to WhatsApp ,This may bring a great loss in future ,If facebook lacks in member activity means it loss its revenue from payable ads, People mostly hang out in WhatsApp  and share lot of things in free of cost, Now Business groups from facebook came to WhatsApp to expand its businesses ,In future companies will move out of Facebook if WhatsApp  population grows .
No videos in his YouTube page

How mark planned to kill WhatsApp :
     He has been well plan to kill WhatsApp by its own features ,

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Xerox copies (Photocopies) and Attestation in India

In India Photocopy (Xerox) and Attestation of document is important ,Without this you can't get into any government and private sectors for producing documents and its verifications .

The photocopy industry has a big boom in last two decades ,Photocopy machines run many families in India . Which came into India as a additional package in Public Telephone booths,Photocopies are very cheap price ranges from 50 paise to 1 rupees for each copy.
These photo copy machines are brought from abroad(Imported as scrap) mostly they are used one (second hand usage),These machines are thrown away material from several parts of the world (Banned as it has been used more than its limit)(Environment pollution) ,Few Indian importers buy them as scrap and import to India and furnish them as new machine and sold them very cheaply in India (nearly 45 thousand to 1lakhs (Price may vary)),Those machines may mostly have fault in its Toners .
Lets leave that about photocopy machines and its histories , We can see further about its usages in India.

Photocopies usages :
 Photocopies are used in all types of industries,institutions ,organisations and non organisations in India,Without photocopies verification of document is mostly a hard process in India.They verify photocopies with original document and collect the photocopies as a file and proof of that person.
They may have document scanners but they don't scan up your document and store it in hard disk as proof of identity instead they will insist a photocopy with attestation by relevant authority ,

Without producing photocopies of document you can't open up a new bank or insurance account even though you have all original documents in your hand.

Even in immigration Indian officers may seek photocopies of your Passport/Seaman book or any of your valid original documents,They may have scanners but they will ask for photocopies.So have your photo copies ready when you enter India or you have to run for that, This is a formal process in India.

For education students take more photocopies , For joining schools and colleges they needs hundreds of photocopies of their original documents, While studying they take thousand of photocopies of their Text books ,Students prefer this because photocopies are cheaper than original books (one third of the price).

In a life time each person in India takes nearly thousands of photocopies of documents ,Which would cost around nearly or above Ten thousand rupees in India.

So what do you think about it . No one thinks about it , Its a casual one in India.

Attestation :

Unrecognised money floating industry in India , Only reputed person has authority to attest photocopies by verifying the original documents , Those authorities mostly seek money for attesting the documents,Few persons don't do that.
We need to produce attested documents at every point we admit or expel ourselves in a Company,industry or education institutions.
Without attested documents your photocopies won't be consider as a valid one.
Attestation of documents is an important process in India.

So remember that photocopies and Attestation is very Important part in India

I Attest this blog Post

Krishna kumar G

Auto response Artificial Intelligence apps

Here we go

Auto Response(Respond) Artificial Intelligence apps

What it mean ?

A app developed to respond by its own to our needs or business needs which is developed under Artificial intelligence technology .
Its not like auto responder email system or auto responding messenger bot system.Its more than that.Connects directly you to the world according to your responses.

How it works ?

At first it collects your data from you and responds to your needs ,
It even knows about your health,bank account status and your way of thinking .

I will give out some example :

If you are waiting for a bus in a bus stop (You can also search for bus arrival timing) Your bus may be late.At that time  there will be a alert message or call from Auto Response apps, Hey near by you there is a Uber taxi , As a Taxi is waiting nearby you to pick with offer rates . If you want a ride just say 'Yes'. we will reach you.

Just imagine If you are crossing a Cafe by walking and you will get a alert message from Cafe that 'Today we are in celebration offer ' buy one and get one free. Like that.

Yet I give another Example ,
This app identifies your health status ,Diet status and warns about blood sugar levels , Ask you for to make a Doctor appointment nearby you,If you say 'Yes' it automatically books doctor appointment and intimates doctor about your health condition with a message,Then doctor makes all arrangements for your treatment,It just takes care of you.Even automatically calls for an ambulance in a emergency situation.

Don't ask will it book a prostitute for sex .
Yes it will and warn you about it as its illegal (according to countries law) , Warns about safer sex,
Without responding to this app if you're moving against law it will automatically intimate your family members about it , If they don't respond to it ,This app may call police or social activists to guide you.

I dream this app but I don't know how to code it.
I gave out the concept.
I just know the structure of it and I know how this app out put will became a life changing material.

Its an open source world anyone can copy this concept and make your own app.

Lets see how you build up it . (Google,facebook or someone else)

Blog Response 

Krishna Kumar G

Monday, April 11, 2016

Who knows I may work hard to survive in future

Yes my future is blank , I don't care about it, I don't know where to start before I reach the end .
I live in a worst situation in thinking of best times. I've seen ups and downs, I know how friends would becomes enemies and enemies would become friends . Even my enemies will treat  me well with full respect .
I'll loose the people who I love them so much

Why the f@ck I'm saying this to you .

I've to shut my mouth isn't it ?

No my future will be a easy game

 Krishna Kumar G

I won't live for 100 years

Already I've lived nearly 32 years in this Earth ,
My journey is Awesome but it went away like Singlesome.

Everyday is Sunday for me .
Definitely Sunday is also Sunday only for me.

Happy Happy Happy

Life goes like this

Yes I too have troubles like everyone but I know I'll overcome through it gently like a boss.

I don't like to hurt anyone even though I've been got hurt from others.

I've many untold success stories

Under the age of 12 I had my own Cricket Team ,I was the Captain of that team .Where players will be at the average age of up to 25 . I'll manage each and everyone that's my skill.We have won many matches in my town and lost too.

For studies I have dropped my team at age of 14.

Later after dismantling my Cricket team I've joined as a ordinary player in other team,That's my nature , 

Why I say this here ?
No more secrets that's why .

What are you going to achieve by saying this ?

Then why are you saying it ?
It may be a silly thing but I want to say it in my blog .No one other than me knows about it .Those are wonderful memories it should not be vanished , It should be shared out of my Heart.

I use to teach college students at age of 15,About what ? (another untold story)

We live in a short span of life ,We have no time for anything but we have to mange it and make ourself available for others , that's what I'm doing here. We won't live for 100 years but we are living right now .We have to use this opportunity in good way without fail .
(my blog will survive through it successfully ).

So don't hurt anyone, Love others.

I'm the Dreams

Krishna Kumar G

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Had Whale of Time Shrinking now and closing all doors

Yes I'm started closing all doors which was open already for more than a decade, There is a last chance to enter in. Rush into as soon as possible,
I can't wait .Fight is going to Take off.

Already I've lost in my last game,Now The new Game is going to begin .

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Tonight Rape your Husband

Yes tonight make a plan to rape your husband if you're in India
Its not illegal in India to rape your married life partner Marital sex is legal in India (Act 2013)
So rape your wife and rape your husband whenever if they refuse to have sex with you .

Premarital sex also legal in India but not rape or having sex with prostitutes .
I think you understood it or if not just leave it .

If you are a single person don't even touch your sister or brother just keep your hands towards yourself always .

You should not hug anyone or kiss anyone if you are a single person , You should hug yourself and kiss yourself ,Because hugging and kissing others without proper permission may be considered as sexual abuse and illegal in India.
Better get married and rape your life partner  whenever you want . If you don't like that partner just divorce the person whenever you want and marry another one whenever you want and again rape the new person wherever you want ,its all permissible in laws .

As sex is a part of life same way rape your life partner is also a part of life in India ,
As Syrians refugees male group raped German girls during new year celebrations 2016 and as they considered it as a part of their culture same way in India rape your life partner is also a part of their culture that's why Indian law is not against them.

In some countries its against law ,If you force your life partner for sex it will be considered as rape and becomes illegal  and against law,Sometimes they may send legal divorce notice for it and claim lawsuit for their damage during rape.

In India its not considered as rape because there may be several reasons but the court said they are protecting relationship bond between life partners from being separated as divorce.If this law comes into enforcement means millions will get divorce for rape case against their life partners.

India is a society were people are not even given freedom to choose a life partner for themselves ,Their parents took this responsibility and find a life partner for their children and arrange a marriage in between them ,Without knowing the person properly they get married each other and bond together until death . This is the common marriage life style in India .So automatically their children's become dominant to their parents for all problems they don't have stability to face it by their own ,Mostly they won't take responsibility for any issues ,They always search for help even for a simple issues ,Only male dominant nations practice this types of marriages .and they proudly call it as their culture and value of their society .

Where in other nations they simply marry if they find their perfect loving partner without any interference they are choosing their real life partner they don't see race ,culture,rituals,money and gender , They just marry if they like a person and lead their life in normal,
Same way divorce is there but its not mandatory as we think, They divorce only if their partners cheats them by having sex with other persons without their knowledge or having another family without their knowledge . They won't commonly divorce a person for not better performing in sex with them because they have sex before marriage during their hang out (hook ups), At that time itself they will know about their partner performance very well and after that only they get into marriage and better they don't even consider sex is a issue in mainstream of life.

Here in India we can divorce a person for not having better sex ,A couple date (without sex) for several years and get into marriage and if they can't able to perform good in sex means they can divorce their life partner or If  a married person looses his eyes/legs/hands or any organ in a accident and can't able to lead a sexual life means he or she has a more chance to get to be divorced.
Here love is not important only sexual pleasure and money is important.

So tonight rape your life partner even if they are not willing to have sex with you.

I can rap (Sing Song) but can't rape as I'm single

Krishna kumar G


பிறருக்காக எல்லாவற்றையும்
விட்டுகொடுக்க படாமல்
சிக்கி தவிக்கிறேன்

Did One Night Stand exists ? May not be romantic, is it ?

In one night they make a stand for their cabinet or Did they stand for one night and they fall at their first step in the morning ?

Actually One Night Stand is not like that its all about sex and having sex for one night with random partners, Is it right ? Yes
A sexual relationship lasting only one night .

Oh it seems to be more fun isn't it ?

But real fact is different ,

If a guy approaches a girl for one night stand would be a illegal issue and its against the Indian law.

Same way if a girl approaches a Guy for Sex for a night would be consider as prostitution and  it also against the Indian Law.

This situation is not meant for Gays and lesbians .May be illegal and I don't know about it .

Then How its happening ?

Yes its happening , I can't particularly point out the exact way how its happening but its happening,Its all about the lust and pleasure , Even a phone conversation may lead to one night stand.
Most of the guys think its happening only at and after parties or after a dating hangouts ,Maybe but its happening everywhere , Even in your office it may be happening , The person who gets chance for one night stand knows all about it .

Its their personal business we should not deal with it.

Will it be Romantic ?

Absolutely No , I think so (I don't know about it ) (If you think its romantic just email me about it)
It will not be romantic , its only about releasing sexual pleasure . Just knowing the level of excitement in sex,
Careless Sex they won't care about the partner with them during one night stand , They just end up their pleasure upon their body and get out of them without any love.

May lead to divorce :

Sometimes it becomes a serious problem , if you are married person and had one night stand with someone and caught red handed with your life partner means then it may directly lead you to get divorce.

One night stand selfies and Videos :

           One night stand selfies and videos are most popular in internet , Girls post their selfies during one night stand in Snapchat,Instagram and Facebook to get them popular sensational figure among friends and others,Meanwhile she insists her friends that she had sex (ONS) with a good looking handsome person rather than others, Normally Men won't do this act only girls are dong this in Snapchat and Instagram. Men only leak videos of their one night stand in internet and make all viewers happy about it.
Because of your ignorance you won't believe it

One night stand with friends :
                              Its sometime called as friends with benefits,Yes they have sex as a part of their friendship,their relationship does not ends up just with one night stand and it may be continued as a life partner if they later fell into a serious relationship.If they are already married person they may continue their illegal relationship secretly without their knowledge of their life partners.

One night stand in India :

  Yes in India there is one night stand but its slightly different from rest of the world ,In India sometimes they marry the same person after one night stand if they find this partner is better than their married partner , Sometimes this illegal sex leads to crime,
Here people are having multiple one night stand with the same partner or with strangers but if you interrogate with them about it they will refuse to expose it .
Students are in one night stand (Those are well planned) they commit this act without their knowledge of their parents but they get caught while leaking their sexual video tapes on internet (Revenge Porn)
Not all Indians are doing one night stand only very few do this because its not a safe zone to hang out with a person for one night stand,Currently India is not the right place for one night stand .But we Indians are always ready for one night stand (Honestly I say this)(No hide and seek) (all human nature)(As sex is a part of life) ,

India is highly rich in culture in that few people live as brahmachari (Who follows brahmachariam) Who won't have sex in life term and leads life as single ship,
The people who won't cheat their life partner won't have one night stand with friends,colleague and strangers

I've already said its their business and we should not interfere into it seriously.
Don't look out their bed room.

We should hear about it, watch about and feel happy about it ,That's our one night stand is all about .

Happy one night stand may lead to STDs (not phone call) or AIDS , So aware of it and be protective.

One night stand is not the essential one to lead the harmony (not music) of life

Refused One night stands
Being Single
Krishna Kumar G

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Multi level Voting Booth (Smart Voting Booth)

Elections: "Smart Voting Booth" what it mean ?

Its an Electronic biometric election voting machine booth ,Where Voters can cast their vote by bio metric process.

People who are working away from their constituency are not casting vote because they have to travel to their polling station at least for 4 to 8 hours if they are in the same state , If suppose they are working in other states means they have to travel for a day to reach the polling station,People who work in abroad won't take that risk to travel because of cost expense.

If they are interested to poll their vote from any where means they can now vote up in "Smart Voting Booth"

In future it will be kept in each constituency were people can come up and cast their vote if they were not belong to the same constituency , Same way it will be kept in Indian Embassy and Important places around the world .

Electronic biometric machine will read up their identity with EPIC no (Voter card no) and loads up their vote and transmits to the core system of Election commission ,This vote is included and calculated during vote counting process.

Is this system is in India ?.
No , In future it may come.

Krishna Kumar G

Big Boss upgraded to Sex Box

Now a days TV shows are getting more weird , Sometimes they become as real life changing one.
Same was playstation and VR Games are getting more weird more sexual contents in it disturbs children's and parents .

Big boss is TV reality show
  You all know about this show ,Which is also popular in India ,This show is Indian version of Big brother, India spotted and recognized Sunny leone from this show.Colors TV India Telecast this show.Evicting contestants and selecting winner from a isolated fabricated house play around 80 to 105 days.Hosted by celebrities,Winner gets Prize money around 1 Crore and celebrity status after the show ends. This show has some vulgar content but it also a popular one and entertains people of India.

Sex Boss  also a TV show were people has sex inside a sound proof box which has surveillance camera and records up their sex play and later they come out of the box and discuss about their sexual activities with a sex advisor and get answers for their faults and mistakes in a public show .
UK's Channel 4 run this show now its moving to US.

This is Ellen show video where they demonstrate about this Sex Box show

More about it coming up ,

This show in future may enter into all nations like Big Boss.(Welcome to India)
If you are a Big Boss fan then surely you would like up this show.

India's "V" channel has the more sexual content reality shows from early days .Even their serials are also consists of sexual contents.

Have you watched these types of TV shows are already in Japan,Yes Japanese TV shows are really sexy ones , They have more sex shows in public TV channels mostly they are Sex Game shows.They have the worlds most worst game shows.Mostly they are funny to watch.

As a Tv watcher

Krishna Kumar G

Still Whats App is Hackable,Easy Ways

I give out simple and easy way to hack Whats app even though it released up new update to secure Whats app with end to end encryption ,In which Whats app denotes its not hackable by hackers (FBI) and they even can't open up the messages and view its content.

Just one thing anything is owned by Facebook is a place for advertiser,Advertised needs data for market analysing.Data is nothing but user information.

Now there is a security threat to all nations due to this Whats app new update ,Terrorist and anti-national,Criminals will share their message safely through Whats app.
Everyone has privacy now ?
Now all National government are supposed to Ban Whats app for national security reasons, Even India have to Ban Whats app.

Hack Whats app in Easy way : I say Whats app is still hackable ,Its an old simple technique , By this we can hack Whats app easily,Dear hackers  watch closely what I say ,

  1. Whats app is now locked with End to End encryption,Key is thrown away after a message was delivered.
  2. Who needs a Key ? Let it be lost somewhere else,Hackers won't search for keys.
  3. Just break the Lock ,You may ask how its possible ?
  4. Yes its possible but not for all Whats app accounts.

Steps to open up Whats app messages :

Go to Whats app settings you can find a Chats option,Where you can see a Chat Backup option in that every what app messages has been saved some where else in Cloud platform.

If you found the address (email) of the cloud platform then that's the gateway to read all the Whats app message you want to hack up.

Do you understand ?

I'll describe in pictures below

This the settings page apart from Account you can see a Chats option

Chat back up where you have your Whats app account back up option.

Your Messages are stored in a cloud platform ,Google Drive which is accessible by Gmail account

This is how Whats app back up is done ,

Timing of back up you can even choose never but I can't guarantee that Whats app seriously will not back up your account.

Just by knowing the email id of the concern person , we can hack their Google account and read those Whats app messages.

This is the Google drive where Whats app messages are stored as back up,

Even you can hack any cloud platform or Those companies will read those messages if they want (Security concern)

Even we can hack Dropbox and read those messages or content in it.

Do you know Dropbox,Google Drive and Even Google Play store is hackable,
Your Android OS itself a hackable one, Whats app is a app content in it . Then what ?

So this means someone can still read up your Whats app messages isn't it ?

Oh no sorry but you can't read mine
because I don't have an email client in my whats app account,So no backup is possible in my account , If you don't back up your account it is still safe,Believe it pictures below ,So its not possible to hack my account. (I can't assure it )

My account is further more safe

For Security reasons
I'm not using Whats app

Krishna Kumar G

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

I spot few Spy shots

Yes its happening around me and I don't care until it reaches me .
I'm 100% aware of it ,

Instead of sending people you itself come and meet me. (Smart Spike Spy )
(Actually I've made a honey trap by sharing Ticket in Social media) (Spotted the spy as I planned)

I won't bite you .

You're Testing me ? why so ?

I'm not hiding anything . If so no problem.

I don't have money that's the main problem ? isn't it ?

Do you want to know I'm Jobless ? Yes so what ?

Do you think I'm a wrong guy ? Let it be.

Why are you searching for a think which I don't have .

Search in me What I've

Krishna Kumar G

Celebrities are Created not born

Are you a celebrity ?
No ?
OK cool cook yourself to be that .

Yes its easy to become a celebrity but we were not tend to do that ,We always want to be a normal person in our life. Becoming celebrity is not a hard thing , Its one of the easiest job in the world.

There are many kinds of celebrities we see in this world , Whatever the type be they become popular by doing and achieving something in their desired field .

I'll continue .....Chellams ..

Monday, April 4, 2016

Passionless non respect greedy girls and elegant liberal passion-able girls

We see only these few types of girls where this post title says all about it .Better not to read the post if you well understood it from this title.

Passionless Girl : I totally hate passionless girls ,Whoever may be beautiful or rich I don't like them if they don't have passion in life, They simply do anything for others sake of compulsion,They won't live a life for themselves.I mean every girl should have a passion in her life and they should go forward towards it ,Which gives them a real beauty,In India we mostly spot like this passionless girls,They end up their career and passion life in marriage and they vanish form the world eyes.

Non Respect girl : Same way I hate non respect girls ,Who ignore people for their nature and status.
They are the worst person in the world.

Greedy Girls : Greedy girls word itself defines the meaning,They are greedy on Jewels,materials,siblings,friends,neighbours and others,They won't achieve anything in life but they always want to achieve something owned by others in all sorts of cruel ways .

Elegant Girls :
                  Pleasingly graceful and stylish in appearance or manner.Not like that non respect girl they behave very friendly,They take care everyone and keep in touch with everyone wherever they are,Whatever the matter they won't consider it seriously instead they handle the situation very gently ,Soft nature and They move very friendly close to the heart.

Liberal Girls : They are opposite to greedy girls , They will adjust in life whatever the situation comes, They lead their life in a very simply way,Every boys dream girl as a life partner ,

Passionable Girls (Passionate) : Do you understand the meaning what I coming to say , Girl who are passionate in some field of their choice and in which they perform very excellently .They may have several fan following ,Everyone will fall in love with them,Whether they are beautiful or not they will shine according to their passion of interest.

You didn't say about adventurous girls ?,Yes because it comes under Passionable girls .

If you want I will say about it separately

Adventurous Girls : Today there is a huge increase in adventurous girls ,Who love to travel and do things alone according to her passion,There are many types of adventurous girls who can be differentiated according to their adventure they pursue ,they are mostly friends with boys because they mostly learn from them a lot about adventures (No mistake) ,They achieve many thinks in life,They may get more boy friends but Choosing a life partner is a hard thing for them,Boys may think they can't get inside a family nature (They will go for adventure instead of taking care of the family) (Hey I'm not thinking like that) (I love adventurous girls,I support them)(Best passion in the world)

I will add one thing my favourite one <Manly Girls> have you heard off ?

Manly Girls : Who wear men costumes and behave like men,Cut their hair like men,Act like men ,I love them so much , I'll be watching them till they vanish from my vision (Sight adiching),They maintain better than normal (gethu) like men.

Beach Girls : (செருப்பு பிஞ்சிரும் ? isn't it ?) Not Bay watch girls , I came to say Girls who are fond of beaches ,That's all (For Fun)

Bitch Girls : No words about them (I'm Quite )

Same can be defined with man but in different format ,

Hey I'll continue more..
(என்ன இது எல்லாம் படிச்சா எவளும் என் பக்கத்துல கூட நிக்க மாட்டாளுங்க)

Krishna Kumar G

Sunday, April 3, 2016

I control my emotions until I get a Hug

I never cry for unnecessary things ,
I simply stand still as a hard hearted person what ever the worst situation happens.
I don't know why ? May be I've developed this from my worst life situations.
I will explain in simple way .

When my father died , I didn't cry,The person who was paralysed and I was taking care for 3 years ,I was trying to cry but my eyes doesn't became wet .Everyone were watching me as I don't had a single tear,On next day before he was buried a friend came and Hug me ,Then everything came out as tears ,I was crying and no one was able to control me .

This is the first time I myself did a life experiment for myself and found i won't cry as easily.

year my close friend died ,I didn't cried , but as usual on next day had a hug and I cried very loudly ,until I faint away,No one was able to control me and my emotions ,Many comforted me.

Later Nov 2013 met with a bike accident (Its a common thing happens)
This time 2 accidents in a day , no single tear , broke my ribs ,many internal & external damages all over my body,Still I've pain all over my joints , I don't care about it ,

Sometimes I cry for no reason :

While watching a movie out of more emotion in it .

while I was over thinking about some situation (Story framing works) (Dreaming)

While in bed tear comes and makes pillow wet (releases pressure in the eye) (I get relaxed after that)

If you need to see my emotions ?

Just give me a Hug

With Tears

Krishna Kumar G

Pay for your Sins

Omg you have to pay for your SIN , you have done a lot of sin ,now its Time to pay for it.

From my life experience I say it , yes we have to pay for our sins.

If you believe in god or not ,I don't know about it but every sin has a price value.
"Truth never Fails,
We Reap What We Sow."

What's the Price ?
Yep,Price is not about money, It may be something which you don't know about it before it happens,Even it may be your loved ones dead (Simple payment isn't it).
(உன் வாய்ல இருந்து நல்ல வார்த்தையே வராதா ?) (உண்மையத்தானே சொல்றேன்)

Who fixes the Price ?
       Still don't know exactly who fixes the price but some external force is doing that , We call it as God . If you believe it or not its happening ,

Few call it as "Karma" which means destiny or fate, Following as effect from cause,
By karma we are paying for our Sins.

What is Sin ?
   Good question but I give answer from Wikipedia .
"Sin can also be viewed as anything that violates the ideal relationship between an individual and God; or as any diversion from the perceived ideal order for human living"

There are many types of sins.Each religion talks about different kinds of sin,But all together causes the same effect ,Every Sin has a price you have to pay for it.

Ya I said about my Life experience .

That's not I said from the sin I caused to other persons , Its about the other persons who caused Sin against me and they suffered lot in their life , Why they suffer lot ? yes I've have pure heart (not hype) that's the fact,They disturbed my purity that may caused them to pay a lot in their life,The persons who caused sin against me have to pay their price,They can't get away (I'll not revenge them) I keep calm let I allow God hands to cruse upon them, I just see them suffering lot in their life.
That means am I living good without suffering ? No I too suffer a lot ,It means whether I've caused any sin to others, may be I remember few and I've already pay the price for it. I've lost many things in my life ,Even I can't able to pay for my bills, I live like a beggar ,I struggle to live my life now,
Whatever may be I Trust in God.

I'm a Sinner :
What kind of sins you've done ?
My sins are very less Low graded one ,Where I've to pay a low price for it , But remember if you have done high graded sins means then you have to pay a lot as Karma.

What is the scale to measure high grade and Low grade sin ?
                   Don't ask question like this , I can't say  exactly which scale measures the sins but if you are a believer you must know your religious scriptures which describes about sins and its effects ,God has a scale which measures those high and low grade sin,Basically you itself can measure it by seeing the affected person whom you've caused the sin ,If the person is highly affected means then no matter you have to face high grade sin effect,

When it will happen ?
         Whenever it may happen but basically it happens when you thing you're going to next level of enjoyment in your life .It strikes up your enjoyment and puts you in vain.

How to overcome it ?

             Yes thats the right question !, Repent in front of god and plead for forgiveness , if you're not have been forgiven by god ,Then go to the concern person or family who has been affected by your Sin and help them ,Give a hand to over come from the situation you made to them,repent to them and ask sorry to them, Be a footrest to them.By this way you can pay the price for your sin,

you can't pay the price by giving offerings to god ,Don't give alter offerings to god for your sins,Its not a right way to pay for your sins,You just repent that's enough and go and help the affected family by your sin that will be the best offering you give to god as a price for your sin.

If you want to know more don't call me or message me ...and waste time.just repent .

As a Sinner

Krishna Kumar G

Saturday, April 2, 2016

How to fuck ? Seriously did I spell that ?

Yes hope so , Seriously I don't know about it , you have to believe it, If not no problem, Just learnt theoretically from my school Zoology books and also from porn movies , Had many opportunity to fuck but rejected it , Its not of fear its just keeping away myself clean from that holy shit. I'll fuck if its necessary  may be with my life partner or with someone else that's my choice .

I'm not a perfect person to teach you how to fuck ? You just learn it from some where else or allow someone to fuck you or fuck yourself dammit . You will get learned automatically , Share your experience .

I'm not Sex expert
Krishna Kumar G

My Friends Forever

Lamrinz Nirmal - We are friends from school days,We play in his home and he use to come to my home early morning then we both ride cycle together to school

Narasimman - School friend ,Sports friends from my young age.Still in contact

Praveen .C - School, Family friend ,neighbour and we play together.

Manickam - School friend ,We study together during school days,He is physiotherapist did his           college in Annamalai university , were I too studied.

 Anbalagan -Good friend ,We use to go back to home from school together,Girls freak,His father and my father worked at same place,

Umashankar - He travel more than a hour to reach school ,Good friend,He visits everyone's home.
                    At young age both Anbalagan and Umashankar will hold my hands while walking                               During school break time,

Rajasekar - Good friend,FRrom school days , We even contacted in letters,

Premananth -

Gopinath -

D Senthil -


Vanchinathan - who is my school mate 11 and 12 th standard and my friend,Who took me to                                       Telephone Quatres the place where he lived and introduced more friends .

Suresh Rajenderan - my friend who was former classmate of Vanchinathan , We three use to study for                                  exams in Neyveli Bharathi stadium, Later her studied Pharmacy in Annamalai                                      university with me.

Rajesh Rajenderan - Brother of Suresh,College mate and friend,We roamed many places ,We did                                          many things in Annamalai university , They are also my family friend.

SomKumar - My best friend, Who is no more , He tread me like his brother , their family Tread me as                      their family member .I miss him so much.After school days we became close friends.

Heman Kumar
Ranjith Kumar
Santhosh Kumar

Manikandan -

Bala Sakthivel -

Ganesh -

Senthil (Bonda) -

Balaji K - I know him from Rajesh his school friend,We became friends ,We did many things .Good family.

Jagadisan (Jack dison) - Who calls me jolly man (because I never worried about anything) He is no                                             more,Only person witnessed my Tamil speech about humanity in Annamalai                                                    university Library auditorium .

Kirubashankar - Who is also no more now , He was my college mate , I understood him very well but he don't even know about what my character is, Who sold me a mobile phone and later stole it from me(Double Crossed) , but I forgive him at the right same moment for it,he never expected it.I comforted him, He was my friend till he lived .

Arunbalan : Loosu my friend no words ( blank space  )

Vasanth    : Vasanth ,Arunbalan,Kiruba are school mates and all three of them were become my friend  during college days ,They are still my friends .

Senthil (26)- Good friend , who even gave me his tuition fees for my emergency purpose (I should say this),Family oriented guy , College mate and friend still now.

Kabilan - Who travels with me from my college days best friend.

Pradeep Kumar M - Know him from my college days, Good person,I had lot of conversation with him,We have good contacts with each other wherever we are.

Ananhadurai - Know him from Som , Who keeps in touch with me from my college days ,

Chitrakanth : know him from Som , Shared lot of things,Know him from college days ,I've even visited his native place ,Good family. Anandhadurai,Kanth,Som and Arunbalan we are connected with friendship.

Ananth V - Very good person , Friend in contact with me from my college days ,We meet whenever possible,We share lot of things .

Krishna Moorthy - I'm one of the person who went to his home,My college mate ,Good friend ,Who keeps his contact with me,He always want me to become as a great person,He worries for me and my situation.

B Arun - Good person ,my college mate ,Still keeps contact with me,Early married family guy.


Gemini Jai Ganesh -

Jayabal - School mate and friend , who keeps his contact with me all he time,whatever s the situation,hard worker,

Kundri Siva Chandran -

Tamilkumaran - Good guy, Struggles lot to support his family

Murugesan -

Manikandan (Pumps)-

Pranab - Keeps his contact with me Good friend.
With each friend I have lot of my memories to share but no time no space now , I will do it in future.
Mostly I treat everyone as my friend ,I never hate anyone for any reason, I may not talk to them for certain reasons.

I won't consider girls in this list (For safety Purpose)

Don't worry if i didn't say your names .
Still many are there ......I will update...

(I write this because I'm going for a brain surgery .
I may loose my memory) Just Lied.


Krishna Kumar G

Sex offers endless possibilities. If you think you’ve done it all

I still don't understand what this topic says about ?
Sex sex sex without sex world will survive but we won't exit in this world because sex brings out the life , Human beings are generated by sex or from sex.

What do you think about your generations ? will you want it or want to be vanished .

Did you had sex ?

For what purpose do you had ?

For fun,pleasure,casual,time pass,compulsion,raped or for to get pregnant (Give birth to child )

Today we have protective sex by which we can stop reproduction (child birth) and mainly we can safe guard us from STD (Sexual transmitted disease ).

I don't need to give out explanation how to have sex , If you don't know about it just watch few porn movies , OK watch more porn movies , This will not offer you sex but we can learn what sex is about.If you got a chance to have sex for first time or last time,Don't try to apply all sexual acts on a single trial , be steady and slow with high performance .handle it like you are handling a flower ,

Endless Possibilities :
                            If you already had experienced sex at your early age (Teen age),You will have a different mindset rather than your friends at your age. You must have a matured thinking,Your cruel behaviour will work out to have more fun whenever possible,You may cross one or more sexual partner in the future,You are the person really enjoying the sex, You will use sex for your endless possibilities , By using sex you will achieve your benefits.

I'm virgin like a guy in the movie "Forty year old virgin" but I'm giving out sexual advise to the sexualities people .This is not my fate this is your fate to listen about it.

Waiting to have sex with only to my lovable partner and not with anyone else .

May be continued............................

Unsex wearing Unisex mindset

Krishna Kumar G

Friday, April 1, 2016

Get ready to worry about your Penis size : Size and Shape matters

Absolutely you will get worry after reading this post whoever may be the straight,gay and bisexual .

Don't ask your wife or gf about the ideal penis sizes she may don't know about it exactly .

Lets ask about it to some porn stars, Look out what they say.

Dear friends don't worry about it be cool yes I know you are worrying just relax, Those are the highly trained  vaginas don't compare their ideal size of penis,Those penis won't be available other than porn stars , Your wife may not expect this or those type of penises ,She may be satisfied just by your normal dick. I may be don't know  better I suggest you to ask her itself... ha ha :P

Let's see What Indian girls and guys think about Penis sizes  because they are foreigners they are genetically different from us .

get ready set go

" Doesn't damage the vagina's ",  12" inch or 12 cms ? actually girls don't know about the length measurements.

Just carry forward ourselves to another video

Yes we talk about dicks here if you feel uncomfortable you just close your eyes oops sorry ears .

Hey guys if you have small penis don't worry there are few steps to increase your dick size and you may have sex and provide more pleasure to your partner but I guarantee that it only won't give you out good relationship,Real relationship is different which won't consider penis and boob sizes ,It depends on the person you get into the relationship.

Still continuing ................more about it wait.......

A photo posted by Krishna Kumar G (@krishgame) on

A banana dick pic from my instaram page

Don't ask my size its not revealed in public

Krishna Kumar G

Once Marketers sold their products,Today they are separating people

Frankly to say they are breaking relationships

Old Marketing Technology :
                                         Seriously you knew about it very well so there is no need of long explanation,I just give it out a short note.

Today's Marketing Techs :
                             Today  according to globalisation any marketer and their product can enter into any nation in different forms ,

to be continued............