Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Where is the Address book in Gmail Compose mail?

I've spotted this flaw in Gmail
Its a big issue

Basically they have hidden the Contacts page and Tasks in a drop down menu where name Gmail is written.

Hey I can't able to find Address book in Gmail Compose mail section , Nearly 4 years Gmail has this type of mail compose section which pops up in mail box ,Which allows us to compose mail to others or to ourselves,

Sometimes it gives out the contact list names automatically when we start to type their names in Send "To" of the Compose mail.But when you are in slow internet speed it doesn't provides automatically when we start to type few letters of the mail address of the contactable mail id's ,

So I searched for the address book to find the contact name and email id but I've not spotted the Address book inside the Compose section in the mail box, Instead they have separate Contacts page for address book .

Contacts page in Gmail is good and and it has all the informations ,Which allows us to merge the similarities between contacts and gives out various facilities . But we can't able to use this contact list during composing email in the mail box.

There comes a pop up window , when we click the email id in the contacts page ,Which allows us to send email directly from contacts page.But who knows about it ?

We are supposed to open two pages one to send email and other to find contacts in contacts page , I copy contacts from contacts page and paste it in the Compose mail section to send email to the concern contact email id.It doubles the work,

Instead Gmail can drop a Address book inside the Compose mail section , Once it was in the Compose mail section but now its not there, its a huge flaw and draw back for the Gmail and frustration for the users.

Krishna Kumar G