Friday, March 25, 2016

What will happen if you loose Virginity when you masturbate ?

Topic is so fun isn't ? Cheers ... No one will loose their Virginity when they masturbate , Everyone is Masturbating , If so means I've been lost my virginity over thousand times by masturbating ,For males if you forgot to masturbate means it will automatically make your underwear into wet .Hope you understood . Loosing virginity is different and its not caused by masturbating or may be , It comes under sex or come under your thought don't worry about it.
(Important : By hugging and Kissing you won't loose your Virginity)  ( Need a hug ? )

Virginity is a myth , Its an idea of different cultural people , virginity is not an important thing when you really fell in love with someone, I'm not finding any fault on people who loose their virginity at early teens and nothing wrong to say about them . It some time happens and There is no award is given to the people who hold their virginity for so long years I'm one of the example  I've not been awarded for holding my virginity . I've been seduced and tempted by some persons for sex but I myself kept away from them .I myself think that I preserve it for my lovable girl , its my idea of thoughts and it may not reflect with others they may have their own thoughts about it .No fault if you loose virginity before or after marriage its your decision no one can interfere into it , Have safe sex this is important (use condoms) .Think what will happen  if  you got pregnant at you school age,Average age to have baby is 21 (female) and its good for health,

Selling virginity : ho ya people sometimes sell their virginity (search in Google) people publicize themselves online and sell their virginity by auction , By this money they will pay their tuition fees at their university for education . Some sell their virginity for charity ,Some do it for pocket money.
In Brazil,Mexico,UAE,Thailand,India,Pakistan,China,Bangladesh and some south east Asia some people sell their child virginity for prostitution or drugs , Some porn sites pay girls for loosing virginity for the first time in their video mostly it happens in US and Canada (  ) , Mostly handsome and beautiful persons get paid higher in virginity selling auctions.

Virginity discrimination :
Virginity has different meaning or different understanding among different people . Matter is how you accept the people who loose virginity at young age or before marriage , Don't see them different and don't keep them away from society and social gathering .In some religion loosing virginity before marriage is seen as sin , In some cultures people only marry a virgin bride and they see this issue very seriously ,

Some people by chance they get into sex acts at teen age and loose their virginity and some sports person loose their virginity by their physical exercise activities some people loose their virginity even while riding cycle or horse , Some people keep their virginity safe till a century and who worries about it ,  Don't look on to virginity and judge people just see their love and affection on you and how they treat you .These are the things important for a good relationship and virginity is not important thing for a relationship.Its a mindset or thought of a person .

however you may be virgin or not don't worry about your virginity  be free to love others only by seeing their heart and not by seeing their virginity . Cheating husband and wife is a different issue and it does not comes under loosing virginity .We will talk about it later under different topics.