Saturday, March 26, 2016

We Love Boobs,Who said size doesn't Matters ?

I said we,which means both genders, even girls stare at other girls perfect/imperfect boobs,So all are culprits,Take care of your boobs ,Boobs rule the world.

Everyone knows what is boobs ,because everyone has been breast feed by it, Everyone has boobs its a biological factor ,who care about biology ? leave it , Let see which boob is perfect for Straight,Lesbian and others whomsoever ,

What is Boob : Shut the fuck off ,we know what is boob we don't need your explanation ,Just show the perfect boobs we came here to see this ,
Yes I understood , you're getting late,I will show it below .

Lindsey Pelas

This boob is not perfect boob which fits only in sports bra little bit oversized ,but she has perfect body shape,That makes her boobs into attractive one sorry two,

Then which is the perfect boob ?

Coming to the point exactly we can't define what is perfect boobs ? There are several conspiracy theory about it . Sometimes small one looks cute and big ones looks attractive but normal looks to be perfect ,

Which is normal boob?
The boobs which stands still and fits to bra (I'll search in Google and say the size)
(*-* ) Even without bra (Free Nipples) it should be perfect , It should behave good , Nipples should make eye contact who stares at it .

Find your bra size by using "Third Love" app, Stand in front of mirror take a picture of your boob and find your perfect bra size .Nearly 85% of women were wearing wrong size bra (Study says).

Bra size chart may help you to find the right size bra for your dear boobs

Biggest question is finding the perfect bra size,Still many people don't know how to find their perfect size bras's and I should not worry about it .Dear boobs first Learn to choose your right bra .
              Bra marketing is the biggest industry in this era.Nearly 4 million bras were produced daily.

So today you've decided to go with bra free for a day/week/month/year/lifetime? Discover what nature looks like . Throw your push up bras away for a while .

Free the Nipples : Know about it , Its a campaign setting out nipple free without bra's / Topless .Free the nipples is a mission which empower women across the world , Read about it more here .No censorship for boobs,

Breast Feeding :
Breast feeding is important to children and mother,It reduces breast cancer and Heart diseases.
 In some countries breast feeding in public places is banned ,But they may even also have the law that  everyone (I mean child) should be breast feed.People should be allowed by society that anywhere at any place they can breast feed their children ,No one is allowed to stop them,Nothing wrong Breast feeding in public places,
Every man should be allowed to see his wife giving birth to child and it should be compulsory,That make's them to feel the pain of  his partner and teaches him to respect the motherhood.

Come on we came here to see the perfect boobs , Where is it ?

Wait I will show you .

Breast Cancer : Don't ignore your boobs check it periodically,Touch it feel it if you found any Change in shape,lump or Swollen thing on your breast visit a doctor, Simple Biopsy,Physical screening,  Mammography test may detect your breast cancer,Wikipedia about breast Cancer. Sometimes breast cancer leads to removal of Breasts , Life may face huge changes after it ,So take care of your breasts , (Common problem for South Asian peoples).

We need to see Prefect boobs not about diseases ?
Yes,I will show .

Perfect Masala Boobs :  What is Masala Boob ? In cooking we add masala ingredients to get perfect spicy taste ,Same way of process by adding few ingredients we can make boobs into perfect spicy hot boobs , How ? Some may have very small boobs and they worry about it , So now we have to add some masala to it ,By adding Cups we can cure it temporarily but when it comes to sex act your cups will destroy you by showing your real face, By doing silicone breast implants  your breast will get into normal perfect size and shape.Silicone Breast implants is a Biggest cosmetic surgery industry grown world wide,It costs more.Women with implanted boobs can breast feed their childrens.

Shape and Size (36' 24' 36') :  Only models and actress needs perfect shape and size,They do surgeries to keep them in perfect shape and size ,These 36' 24' 36' are just numbers in inch tape, Don't need to compare your boobs with them,If you have small or abnormal boobs Don't worry if there is huge flow of love from your partner then the size and shape doesn't matters , Your Lesbian,Straight partner and Whomsoever needs only your love and they see only your inner heart , They don't consider about your boobs size and shapes as a big issue , If so means no problem .Enjoy your shape and size , You are perfect as you are .

If strangers (Male & Female)  stares at your boobs all the time don't feel uncomfortable cheers remember your boobs attract them .

Take care boobs
Krishna Kumar G

Ways to prevent Boob sag (Funny ways)
Wear Bra even in shower (prepare for wet T-shirt contest)

Extra Usages of Boobs

keep your Wallet and Safe Guard your money

While you lie down, Rest a bowl to eat snacks,

While you reading a book on bed,Use it as a book stand.

Like this we can use boobs for many purposes rather than its usual works.
Normally Breast (Boobs) is differentiated into seven types according to its shape and size :
View in this image

Extra Boob problems in pictures

"Women born in the U.S.A have by far larger breasts than women in any other country," the report reads. "While women born in Africa and Asia, particularly in the East Asian countries, have the smallest breast volumes." - Mandatory website  .
Exercises That will make your boobs bigger : for more read here Cosmopolitan webpage .

(Edited 10 Sep 2016 )
Natural is better :

Video that of Free Nipples , Free Boobing , Going without bra , Free Breast :

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Before Super Women I squeezed the same Bra in ma blog and produced Super bras, but Facebook dosn't not allowing me to post this in my wall .. anyhow she have also said the same thing today .
So I've provided the link here : (Blog)
Bra marketing is the biggest industry in this era.Nearly 4 million bras were produced daily.
Actually I started to write about different types of bras but atlast found that there are numerous types more than 30 , even victoria secret employee can't find out exact bras for them .

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Small Boob problem ?
This may be a temporary solution


Extra Story to Cover up

But once my girl friend asked (Not Lover)
ஏன்டா சப்ப பொண்ண பாக்குற , (Why are you staring at a girl with small boobs)
I said இல்ல அவ சூப்பர் figure (She is Beautiful).
She Said (GF)
சப்ப figure க்கும் சூப்பர் figure க்கும் , வித்தியாசம் தெரியல நீ லாம் Waste.
(You don't know the difference between super figure and flat boob figure)
I was little bit confused about that girls idea of choosing a girl with boobs size.
She saw only the breast , I saw only the face.
Then who is the culprit ?
Whoever may be I lost the Game .

Krishna Kumar G