Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Stalking at ex in social network and acting like stalkbot

Most guys surf internet to watch porn and stalk at their ex's in social network pages or their internet activities and only few use internet for education and their career purposes .

nothing wrong in stalking at your ex and their activities but it sometimes will kill your peace of mind .

ya I stalk at my ex's in social network pages .I got your mind.

How to Stalk at your ex in fb :

facebook is a platform made for college reunion  but its a perfect place for stalking at your exes
(even may be Mark Zukerberg created it for stalking at his ex and it worked out for his life business)
If he blocks stalking in fb means then no one will be using fb that's the truth,Stalking runs fb.He knows it very well that's the business.(only entrepreneur understands this concept)
that's my assumption leave it and come back to matter.

If your ex is in your friends list means just add them in close friends list .Its the best way to stalk at your ex. Even you can read all their comments and watch their Likes and You will receive notification if they post in their wall .It will be  very interesting to watch all their activities without  their knowledge.
You may caught red handed if you are periodically going behind them to all their likes and comments and responding to them ,You should not like the post what they've liked and you should not comment at the place where they've commented .. If so means they will receive notification as you have liked and commented at the place where they have done, If you did this one time means that's no problem but if you are doing this continuously means they may have doubt about your stalking.

Every ex know that their ex is stalking in  social media's they are pursuing this because they are enjoying the stalk of their exes.Some stalk indirectly and some stalk directly , Sometimes that may cause a reunion with your exes.

Even you can Tease your ex if you assume your ex is stalking at your fb wall continuously, By posting unwanted things or the post which may disturb your ex relationship.Even that may cause some problem and may end in blocking your profile from stalking at them.
Even you can post relevant ex relationship posts to attract your ex for stalking your fb wall .

There is both gain and loss in stalking at your ex in fb

Now fb is working on a new AI technology were you can maintain your ex relationship without blocking them.You can restrict them from viewing certain post only ,You can even stop them only for stalking at your pictures only and you can stop them viewing your pictures. (You don't need to know about this because it goes very long,We will talk about it later )

How Stalking affects your Peace of mind :

Stalking at ex may look enjoyable until they found this. Continuous stalking at your exes may affect your current relationship . Limit up your stalking and don't go much deeper , If so means you may again start over relationship with the same person once you've broke up.nothing wrong if everything goes smooth and understandable . Sometimes it may kill your peace of mind that you're cheating your current relationship.You can't focus on other things except than stalking at your ex.

Stalking Stalkbot :
 Every social media big giants know the persons stalking at their exes by their AI technology and they watch this from their Stalbot . They can even get into this matter if it goes into a serious problem or they can even kill their stalking by blocking anyone of the person from viewing their ex profiles .
In some places stalking is considered as crime.

Stalking at ex in social network and acting like stalkbot

I know many people would read up this post including my exes.... :) this is not assumption but that's the truth :) hehe

to be continued ........