Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Sister Rahmadh

Sister Rahmadh was a good girl next to my house 1993,I was in age of 10 , She might be at age of 15 or 16, She was so friendly to our family,She was forcefully made to stop her school education by her parents ,Orthodox Muslim family , his father had 2 wife's,She was born to 2nd wife,As a neighbour I've seen her Mom only  twice or thrice , She never used to come outside of her room,She won't speak to others ,she just stay in home,Rahmadh had one younger sister and 2 elder brothers Kadhar and Jaffer both are good persons, Jaffer was a handsome guy (my gf use to say that) who speak politely ,Later came to know that he built a Hindu temple (recently visited that place but he was not there now).

I only had close contact with only sister rahmadh because she is friendly and use to enter our home without knocking the door,Mostly she will be in our home,She come and share cooking with my Mom,She rides my cycle when her father is away,She had very strict father,He is a cricket fan and who supports only the Pakistan team,During 1996 World cup we use to clap hands when Indian cricket team hits 6 score and he use to jump and dance when India looses wicket , This will make me angry but Rahmadh will say leave him he is like that only we can't change him,Rahmadh supports Indian players,

I use to steal guava fruit from their garden (childish) Rahmadh will say don't get caught to my father,Ask me I'll give or plug the fruit when my father is away , Later her father started counting Guava and found many missing ,I was about to get caught red handed ,Rahmadh said her father as she only plug the fruit from the tree and ate that,such a way she use to protect me.

Daily morning she use to read news paper and use to show me the important news in it,She use to discuss about it.She knows everything happening around the world,

During festivals she come and prepares sweets and snacks with my Mom and learn cooking in our kitchen , My Mom use to cook Biriyani to their family during Ramzan festival, their family once tasted our biriyani and said it to their other Muslim friends ,Later next year nearly 3 Musilim families came to our house for biryani preparation , Later my Mom cooked for them and became so tired ,My Mom said to Rahmadh don't say to others , We can only cook for your family only ,

Mostly I use to fight with her as she is taking more responsibility in our home because its childish manly nature , I don't like other girl taking part in all things in our home but she forgets that and later come to my home on next day as casual .

She use to deal with my street friends problems , Whenever I get into fight with them, even once she was in between when I was fighting with a guy rolling in roads of our streets then she came and  stopped the fight and took me away,
Same way I use to deal her problems when some guy intercepts her way .

All the time I use to play cricket , the biggest disturb to my street neighbours, I'll break the windows,I use to seasoning the bats by hitting the hanging balls  it makes huge noise all the time around the apartment  and If I win a cricket tournament I use to come and say to her ,She will be happy,

At last they were searching bridegroom for her,she had health issue so it was going late,

Her father use to give loans for interest and she use to say to me as its against Islam but she can't say it to her father,But one day in  conversation with her father I said this to him .

her father got retirement from job in year 2000 and they went somewhere else. Without sharing any contacts with us.

Now I don't know where their family is ... She may have grown up kids now and live somewhere else in this world,
I like to see them and I want to make her to meet my Mom,If possible.

Sharing Old memories .