Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Recruiters are incapable to recruit best Persons (employee)

Currently India need best Recruiters in each company , Recruiters are really incapable and they are selecting wrong persons to their company that causes less productivity and lacks in creativity .So that future development of the company get fails.

India has a large amount of unemployment in all sectors ,Where millions of job position are vacants .
Lack in skill development
Lack in creativity .
Lack in open source .
Lack in Free lancers .
Many talented persons may lose in their job interview instead a person just only has some skill development course certificates gets the job.
Recruiters mostly don't examine the job seeking candidates creativity and knowledge instead they see the reference and experience of the person (Curriculum vitae ).

Jookseekers can find best dream job easily just by doing some make up steps, Yes make yourself prepare for it,Just try to make fake conversation in interview as you know everything (வந்தா மலை போன மைறு ) , Hack phone call interview just by paying someone from the same company or from the same field.Just make them to attend the phone call interview and you may get selected easily, Talk bold whatever  else with eye contact in Group conversations ,Don't forget to make fun,Attitude is important . Don't talk about the public issues if not necessary .

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Posted by Elite Daily on Wednesday, 6 April 2016

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