Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Prostitution sworn into Corporate industry (India)

In India Prostitution has been already moved to the new level.Intervention of mobile phones made this industry to come nearer to common people.In India prostitution helps many lonely people to survive from their loneliness ,its the only source and livelihood for prostitutes.India has strict laws against prostitution , If they caught red handed means they have to face jail term or fine or both .due you know India has large amount of AIDS population next to Thailand.

Ancient Prostitution :
                 In ancient age prostitution (Devadasi) is common cultural thing in India , prostitutes are believed to be sacred people,They live in secret palaces who use to satisfy kings and their guests, Prostitutes continued their job from generations to generations.They are art interested people many temples in India have prostitutes (Devadasi) image as statues ,They are good Dancers they entertain kings at their thrones.
                   In Tanjavur temple each and every prostitute name is carved with other people in lime stone to denote that they were important people at that time.
                  In Pondicherry (Puthucherry) Aayi monument represents the generosity of a prostitute who donated money to build up a water canal (French)

Modern Prostitution :

 In this Tech world prostitution became very much closer to the people,A decade before prostitution was in low street level , Prostitutes have to stand in streets to attract the customers ,Pimps used to jack customers and bring them to prostitutes at certain rates as commission ,Same way Indian cops will trace the Track of prostitution and put them behind the bars but sometimes this may not happen due to bribing them by prostitutes , Bribing may be money or may end with lust. or both,
Source of the prostitution is unsatisfied customers is constantly increasing ,
Today Sex tourism has been increased , People travel to certain destination just to have only sex with prostitutes .They are the people who were ready to pay any amount for their sex satisfaction .They travel place to place just to have sex with different types of prostitutes.I mean sex with different races of people.

prostitution doesn't mean that only women involve there as prostitutes here we can also find men,gays,lesbian, transgender and bisexual.

VIP prostitutes is also a new culture have been seen in India, I'm not saying about VIP going to prostitutes but I'm saying about VIP playing the role of prostitutes just for pleasure and money ,

Places for prostitution varies according to the amount of money paid and according to the situation ,Some do prostitution in lodges,Some do prostitution in Hotels ,Some do under bushes,Some do inside Vehicles and Some do in house .

Friendly prostitution , have you heard this means you would be younger generation ,yes now in India sleeping with friends is also became common factor , This is not only happening in between rich kids Don't just think with limited mind ,Its now become common among most of the younger people .Even they pay for sex but mostly it goes free of cost just to satisfy their lusts,Payment would be party passes ,Shopping ,Travelling ,Movie Tickets,Drugs and it goes on like this,This is not mostly considered as prostitution because here everything ends just with friends only.
(Otherwise called Friends with Benefits )

Age groups involve , I don't know exactly about that,Mostly Young people students get addicted to it.Old people needs it due to loneliness as they say ,Even newly married man searching for prostitutes so that I can't able to guess about it.

Price : Each prostitute has a different price tag according to their appearance here no need of knowledge where as physical appearance decline the price.

Prostitution works as a corporate Industry :
                                                 Now this is common in all cities of India , They even recruit people for prostitution,Its just working like a corporate Industry , They even attract customers through social media's,Apps, Online advertisement ,Webpages,Phone calls and ads.In dating site we can find all types of prostitutes .
They connect North to south and East West by working as a corporate industry , They run this industry with full data base ,

How it Works : They rent a house in mid of city and use pimps to bring customers ,from online advertisement they get phone calls or emails to contact with customers ,At first they call customers to certain place to identify them and then they say that particular customer to come to another place to verify them as to assure they were not cops and later they say that customer to move to other place were they meet up and they fix the rate and place to hook up.

They bring prostitutes from different places to a city for Prostitution they even pay them monthly salary even though they don't work ,they use them in job for 3 to 6 months later they give them leave or they transfer them to other city .for Prostitution work .They even provide job security and protection , I personally don't know whether they are paying EPF or not,I'm not teasing them because it maybe .

Other type is were working persons involving in Prostitutions , For extra income they do this, They get minimum 10 k per night with customers . If its foreign nationality means it would be 20 k .  Its a huge sum of money they earn . Some do it for just like other hobbies

Business into Prostitution ,Spa's ,massage parlour ,beauty parlour , Yoga centres and many business place are used for Prostitution .They easily get customers here for Prostitution

According to my friends they have been sleeping with co workers and they doesn't consider this as prostitution.But I consider this also as Prostitution because they change partners at different work fields .They just want to have sex and enjoyment.They don't even consider people faces and appearance .They just need only sex.

Learning about Prostitution is not wrong but involving in Prostitution  is always wrong,
Prostitution will not be ended till the world lives but it may change it forms according to its situations .My mind say for fun as joke that increasing of one night stand may end up Prostitution, Is it possible what do you say ? he he :)

Hey I've not went to any prostitutes , It means I've not slept with them , but I talked to them to know about their life ,From that few conversation I'm writing this ,I'm not doing research in it everyone knows about it very well even more than me and I'm just giving out information and saying about what's happening in and around Prostitution industry. you just read and go away . I don't need discussion with you about it.

( So don't call me or message me for prostitute numbers or contact details,I'm not Pimp )

Warning : If your are a prostitute means be safe and have safe sex , If you are going to prostitute means don't forget to use condoms, It helps you to get away from AIDS.Remember women are carrier of AIDS and men are spreader of AIDS .