Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Not yet found a Girl like Fire

We know some girls are like fire (Lesbians) and I'm not saying about them.
I'm saying about A real girl who leads her life like fire .

I've heard about few of them in Histories,Books,Characters and films but not yet seen them in real life.

In reality I think so there are no one is like fire , No no there may be someone , I may not have been seen them  until  now.

Some prostitutes look bold and act like fire girl but in reality they are not fire girl because they are selling their body for money so they act like fire girl to keep them safe from free loaders and abusers.

Then who is the fire girl ?
That girl may be in your office/neighbour/college or some where else .
How to find them ?
We can't find them until we mess up with them  or Until we see their reflection towards a issue or the society.

may be continued ........