Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Me and my Back Pain

I'm seriously suffering with my back pain nearly for 10 years
Two years took medication  and later left that because of side effects , I was just sleeping for long hours and loosing concentrations due to medicines .
I've lots of sports injuries , I was a Football Goal keeper in my school have to bare lots of kicks on my face and Cricket player as I had my own team as from my young age,I use to train them in various ways, as a fast bowler having natural shoulder injury .
Faced Many bike accidents in that year 2013 Nov  faced more internal injuries which kept me in bed for nearly 3 months still I have those pains even after 2 years ,

Back bone
Mild diffuse disc bulge is noted L4-L5-S1 interverteberal disc

Desiccation of nucleus pulposus noted at multiple levels
Diffuse disc bulge noted at C5-C6 and C6-C7 levels,

At both
There is no evidence of compression of thecal sac or neural exit foramen seen.


Hurt my ribs by falling on my bike handle bar and but now its cured ,Suffered breathing at that time,can't able to expand my lungs at that time of injury, I just made my self cool and relaxed and stopped my nervousness took my breath very slowly ,Matter is I had cold cough within 2 days of injury by drinking polluted water and suffered lot at every cough which I can't able to control it,

I don't had person to take care so I've to cook and clean myself and have to take care of my Mom (Schizophrenia) , So I had lot of problem at that time.Even at that time I had fallen from steps by loosing my balance .

Yet no stitching on my skin , My blood clots so fast , Wound runs away so fast with no marks naturally.

For me every part is in pain always ,Every moment is pain,
I don't care about those pains , I just keep on moving ,

I don't like to say this as an issue to create sympathies but just want to share it with you.
which makes me feel better .

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