Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Life in Mars

Many countries from planet earth were doing research in Mars , In search of minerals,water and other life sources,From 1962 AD there is continuous Mars program/mission to Mars works on,Many Satellite Robots work there for NASA research centres, Radiation level is so high around Mars surface,Solar flares directly strike the Mars surface,Mars has enourmous amount of methane and more gases , Human skin directly exposure to Mars climate would be deadly.
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Life in Mars is Possible ? : Now the answer is "NO" .Its costly than ever , At first we have to see the human and animal biology (Astrobiology) , How our body will handle that situation , you may say by wearing the space suit/abode we can live in Mars , Yes by wearing space suit we can live in Mars by protecting us from UV radiation and other effects but what about your internal parts inside your body,Your body cell will change its shape or may dysfunction or may have abnormal function,Our body can't sustain that nature , even though we have protection externally,

We have to go through mission "Year in Space" A mission made by Scott kelly (NASA) who stayed a year in ISS (International Space station) and return back to earth successfully . Mission may be success but there is tremendous change in his body condition ,His bones became weak his skin became more sensitive he has grown 1.5 inches height ,There is also a physiological disorder for him with earth conditions.
He even planned to give retirement on 1 April 2016 , He himself becomes the research unit for NASA's research Mission to Mars ,By calculating his body condition the scientists will determine the Mars mission,ISS is very much nearer to earth when compared to Mars and many people from different countries work there.By naked eye we can view the earth closely .

Mission to Mars will take a 2 years journey ,If a person stays there for a year means it will come total of 3 years , Now they have all the requirements for the person who is going to live there ,But they don't have the body condition to survive there for a year .In emergency situation near by rescue team have to travel a year to reach you .While writing this post NASA even tested RS-25 rocket engine successfully which is capable of lifting human to Mars mission.

Robots work on Space : Robots works under its programmed mechanism ,They can survive any condition and no need to pay off for its selfless work,Curiosity Rover currently working on Mars from 6 Aug 2012 , Nuclear powered Robot with 360 degree vision capable of doing research by its own which can drill holes on surface land or rocks and collect samples for research analyse the samples and sends the result to Earth,Mainly curiosity is doing a great job in Mars,Even India trying to send robots to Mars for its space research.
In future Robots can cut diamonds they will mine Iridium ,Suck out Methane's and lot of minerals from Mars .By this we can reduce pollution in Earth without disturbing the Earth nature and bio diversity.Robots may run some production units there and their products will be sold in Earth .
Mars mission cost will be reduced if they started to brought back minerals to earth .
Super high speed rockets can reduce the travel time and may make Mars mission so successful .

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Human Mars mission is not nearer, Its at the distance of 10 to 20 years in future.

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